Bringing in a touch of beauty into the urban jungle, Salon Esprit is more than just a mere extension of the Australian brand name. Having established itself in Hong Kong, the new addition carries just as much as expertise as both the clothing line and its foreign counter part. Over at Salon Esprit, it's not so much about moulding you into a concept torn off the pages of Vogue. It's really just about giving you what you want while making sure you leave looking sassier than ever.

Located within the new Esprit store at Vivocity, the salon is testament of urban minimalism. Revolving around the classic colours of black, white and grey, the salon interior is free of frills and lace. What you get in fact are leather sofa chairs that are as comfy as your home's, and floor to mid-wall mirrors. On top of that, the salon comes with wireless internet access. For those who are relegated the unfortunate duty of waiting for someone while they cut their hair, you have the opportunity to get connected here. Quite the deal if you ask us, especially if your partner chooses to indulge in all the services here.

The beauty services here come almost full service, with not just your hair getting the attention. You have the option of indulging in a mani-pedi that will make your experience all the more luxurious. The spa pedicures especially will leave your footies refreshed and all prettied up. Starting off with the Mandarin orange massage oil, your feet will start feeling relaxed for the honey scrub that comes after. Once the dead skin are all removed, the white-tea mask will truly moisturise your soles to baby-soft. Rejuvenated and oxygenated, you can easily conquer the entire of Vivocity after that.

However, if your sole purpose is just to snazzy up those tresses, then you have come to the right place. With their own steady stream of clientele as proof of their greatness, you should not doubt this new addition. Headed by Creative Director Wesley Huang, you will be amazed at how quickly he can diagnose what you need. Of course, he is also obliging towards your needs as he believes that ultimately, it is about what the customer wants. The veteran in the beauty world has worked his fingers through as many hair strands as awards. Be it a simple snip or a treatment-intensive rebonding session, you will feel at ease with the professionalism provided. This is also not forgetting that Wesley and his army of help are friendly and courteous. Hours will breeze by and you will look as good as new at the end of the session.

Ultimately, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And odds are, the beholder will be your own eyes, considering how you have to look into the mirror everyday. So, if what you want is to really be happy with what you look at and get that look that you've always dream of, then Salon Esprit has the capacity to make that dream into a reality. Now, all that's left is get Angelina's bee-stung lips and you're pretty much set to find your own Brad.

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