Fancy some pampering from head to toe without having to transverse from place to place, hence saving all that time for an extra dose of indulgence? With the opening of Bonafides Prestige just last year, spa goers have something to cheer about. Patrons will have no trouble finding this spa, located right in the heart of Orchard at Centrepoint, home to Robinsons as well as Marks & Spencer. Bonafides' chic yet comfortable ambience cajoles patrons to lay their tired feet (and shopping bags!) and just be pampered at this one stop lifestyle-wellness spa.

Open the doors to Bonafides Prestige and be ushered into a plush reception area where consultants will at once sooth your frazzles nerves with a dainty cup of steaming ginger tea. Settle back and enjoy the soothing background music, absorbing the ambience as you fill up your consultation card. The glass panel, which separates the spa from the shopping arena, acts a canvas to filter reality as you await your treatment. The consultation rooms sport separate state of the art scanners for facial and hair analysis. Venture forth and you will be surprised to note that this spa houses 23 treatment rooms in all. The spa delineates separate routes, leading to the treatment rooms to ensure that males and females patrons are accorded the strictest privacy. Step into the wellness corner; your entrance will be heralded by a cobblestone path, entreating the male or female patrons to luxuriate in the jacuzzi, sauna or hydrobath, each in their own private sanctuary.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, so is looking at the nuances of your skin “enlarged” as seen through the screen of the facial scanner. Therapists, adept at using the scanner will inform patrons of problem areas and suggest a suitable facial treatment. Notably, a facial at Bonafides is not all about following the “exact routine” of the prescribed treatment. Ivy, a beauty advisor, explains that she uses acu-point facial massage in lieu of a normal face massage, in my case, to prevent a breakout due to my skin type. Treatment is hence customized and adapted to suit individuals and enhance the benefits.

After the refreshing O2 facial, it was time to adjourn to another therapy room for the second installment of my journey of indulgence. The treatment chosen is the back massage, one meant to induce relaxation and a remedy for everyday stress. Notably, at Bonafides, not only are the rooms specialized, staff tasks are clearly delineated too. The therapist handles “face essential” while “body essential” are left in the good hands of skilled masseuse.

If you have time on your hands, head to the adjoining Hair Spa where a hair care specialist will perform a thorough Hair and Scalp Analysis, to customize a specially formulated preparation, validated by a Trichologist, to suit your unique needs. My tresses were definitely in good hands and as I walked out after their signature treatment, I beamed approval with a glowing countenance and a becoming coiffure.

Streetdirectory's take on Bonafides
Providing value-for-money treatments, Bonafides certainly excels in terms of location, products as well as expertise. The one-stop wellness haven concept is indeed a lifeline for people who are in the rush or find it a hassle to have to hop from place to place. In terms of treatments, the face spa comes highly recommended as the treatment prescribed is effective and gets to the root of the problem, hence solving it. Nonetheless, the spa encourages regular visits for treatment to garner optimum results. With 18 years of experience and 7 outlets scattered around Singapore, you are undoubtedly in good hands wherever you choose to have your treatment!

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