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Dead Japanese Soldiers In Kranji Reservoir
Kranji Reservoir Where there is water, there’s always a story of a drowning and the Kranji Reservoir is no exception. It can be traced back to the Kampung days all the way to recent years. Many Malaysians attempted to smuggle their way into Si ...

Haunted Changi Beach
Haunted Changi Beach The Curse of Changi Beach Changi’s history dates back as far as Singaporean history itself. It has seen the likes of invasion, bombardment and slaughter during World War II. Changi has been in the spotlight numerous times ...

Haunted Changi Jetty
Haunted Changi Jetty Journey to Pulau Ubin Located off the coast of Singapore is Pulau Ubin and the boats that are used to shuttle people to and from the two islands arrived and departed at Changi Point jetty. It only costs a mere S$2.50 per person ...

Loyang Temple - Oracle Stone that Reveals Winning 4D
Loyang Temple - Oracle Stone that Reveals Winning 4D? The words 4D and Toto have become synonymous with gambling and it is a fact that many Singaporeans have gotten hooked to the game of numbers. So much so that many seek enlightenment by praying ...

Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Mt Pleasant Cemetery Years ago, Mt Pleasant Cemetery and Bukit Brown Cemetery was one large resting place for the deceased. When the construction of the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) near Lornie Road went under way, the big cemetery had to be cut in ...

Old Miracle Well in Bukit Timah
Bukit Timah - Sacred Kramat There is a 485 year old miracle well and a shrine along Bukit Timah road. The Kramat Burung Merpati, also known as The Pigeon Shrine, is not an ordinary shrine. Unlike many other shrines around the world, this particula ...

Punggol Farm
Punggol was once a farming village.Punggol Farm Avenging Pig Spirits Many people believe that animals have souls, just as we humans do. Hundreds of pigs and chickens were slaughtered at Punggol Farm everyday. These unsuspecting and innocent anim ...

Singapore Lost and Found
Singapore Lost and Found Amidst the towering skyscrapers, condominiums and large shopping malls is a cluster of three houses. Dwarfed by its tall neighbours, these three houses seem out of place. Some might not notice these houses but because it is ...

The Mystery Tomb of the Unknown at MacRitchie
The Mystery Tomb of the Unknown at MacRitchie A 127 year old mystery lies within the peaceful MacRitchie Reservoir Park. Beneath the mangrove trees along the Cheperai-Jering jogging trail, a solitary tombstone can be found. Dated back to 1876, thi ...

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