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Derma Image: Satiate your beauty palate
Located conveniently in the Specialists' Shopping Centre along Orchard Road , Derma Image is one modestly dressed up spa that offers more than what meets the eye. Choosing to abstain from over-exposure to publicity and advertising gimmicks, this spa ...

essensuals evolution TONI&GUY: Essensually dressing the hair of the Next Generation
Geared to the fashion-saavy clientele, this progressive chain of hair salons has taken the world by storm by combining the expertise and experience of the TONI&GUY group with funkier styles to suit the next generation. Catwalk trends get translat ...

Fash Lash!
Decorate your peepers with diamantes, feather and colours of the rainbow at the Shu Uemura lash bar. The leader in mode make up for more than 20 years, has now gone one step further in the field of eye make up. No longer constricting the regime to ju ...

Institut Clarins: Pampering Your Vanity
Admit it. We all love the feel of freshly exfoliated skin. When our tips comes in contact with our face, and what pulsates through our senses is nothing but skin so smooth that it doesn’t feel older than a day of living, we can’t help but relish ...

Natural Cures for Dry Skin
When a person's skin becomes dry, the top layers of the skin are damaged and dying. It may feel rough to the touch, tight, and even sore, and most of all it won't look healthy. Although there are many causes of dry skin, most of the time it is ...

Pretty Nails for the Princess
Girlish indulgence has never been more pink. Set in a quaint yet fully feminine little store, it will make the guilty pleasures of your weekly or monthly manicure and pedicure sessions all the more relaxing. Come prepared for a feasting of pink and p ...

Salon KR+ : Your Answer to Celebrity - Worthy Hair
From fashion houses to the “who’s who” of celebrity lists, they have all had their locks graced by his skills and nimble fingers. Ethereal-beauties Maggie Cheung and Gong Li, fashion icon Kate Moss and famed hair-chameleon Linda Evangelista are ...

The Sloane Clinic – The ultimate one-stop aesthetics and body wellness spa
They say that the easiest way to see a person’s well-being is through the clarity of her complexion, and indeed, having a glow on one’s face is definitely one of the most coveted. Priceless as they come, maintaining your face in optimum c ...

Urban Homme: The Men Finally Get It
Undeniably, Hollywood and the media industry have put quite an impact on body issues and quite the damper on ego matters. Pictures of wash-bod abs, the chiselled face and basically, everything ripped are plastered everywhere you go. You can afford to ...

VERNIS - The Nail Spa, Pamper them tootsies
Vernis, which is a spin-off from the word varnish, is one quaint nail spa that offers quality manicure and pedicure services with highly personalized service standards. Hidden at the back of Winsland House and facing a quiet road with private estates ...

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