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Camping Sites in Pulau Ubin
The 3 common sites are: 1. Noordin Beach. A popular camping site with 1km of white sandy beaches (best visited during low tide). It is roughly 3.2km away by road from Ubin jetty. You get a view of johor across the straits but unfortunately, it is ...

Cooking & Baking Classes by Chefs
Planning to surprise that special someone with your dazzling culinary talents? Or how about impressing your in-laws with a meal that could put celebrated chefs to shame? As we Singaporeans get more and more involved in our work, we simultaneously ge ...

Find Fresh Seafood at Jurong Fishery Port
If you are looking for cheap live seafood, Juromg Fishery Port is a wholesale market you can try. Here's what you need to know before going down though; Jurong Fishery Port started operations in 1969. It is an international port for f ...

Groove – Grooving your way with the Belly Dance
Groove comprises of 7 energetic personalities just yearning to spread the spirit of dance to everyone, and introduced classes like street salsa, belly dancing, pole dancing, exotic dance, cardio salsa and many more. Armed with many years of teachi ...

grow your own pineapple at home
Pineapples are readily available in most supermarkets and fruit stores, but did you know that you can grow your own pineapple fruit at home? Growing a pineapple actually doesn’t require a lot of skills, but it does take up some time and lots ...

Hay Dairies: Goats Galore!
Hay Dairies, the only goat farm in Singapore, is situated on Lane 4. Manoeuvre your car(transportation of some sort is definitely needed) through the winding road, and be rewarded with a glimpse of a statue of two goats marking the entrance. Owned ...

Laser Tagging!
Laser Tagging! Remember those days when Rambos and GI Joes ruled your world? When play-acting meant running around with plastic guns that never really got very far? There’s a new game in town that will make you look more macho than ...

Pole Dancing - Bring out the goddess in you!
There seems to be a trend among women these days. They seem to put in a lot of effort to keep their men happy. They dress provocatively, enhance their figures and learn other ways to seduce, excite and lure men. First there was lap then it was exoti ...

PowerMoves Pilates in the Park: Naturally One of the Worlds Most Beautiful Pilates Studios
Singapore has once again made its mark on the world map. Adding to the string of 'bests' and 'firsts' earned by our high-achieving little nation, home-grown Pilates studio PowerMoves has been nominated Most Beautiful Studio in the World by Balanced B ...

Snow City Singapore
Singapore is a land of just two seasons; the hot summer days and the gloomy rainy days. Although we have the privilege of getting all year round sunshine that is great for sunbathing and other outdoor activities, god knows that we sure need a refresh ...

Tag Paintball - Adrenaline-pumping battle of the coloured bombs!
That is not a scene from Saving Private Ryan, but spawned from the fun battlegrounds of T.A.G (Tactical Action Games) Paintball located in Bottle Tree Park. Contrasting greatly against the serene environment of this luxurious country club in Yishun ...

Top 10 Places to View NDP Fireworks in Singapore
Here's the top ten places in Singapore to get the best view for NDP Fireworks.  Image (C) We Are Places   ...

Top 5 Places to Eat Clean in Singapore
  Dreaming of that bikini or ripped body but never able to resist oily and fatty food? Thankfully, guilt-free and healthier alternatives are aplenty out there. And they taste good too! Fix that junky diet with these 5 cafes, salad bars and r ...

Watersports in Singapore: Time to soak up the rays!
With scorching weather and an almost perpetual sunshine, Singapore is the perfect place for those who delight in soaking in the rays and indulging in water sports. With more than 10 sea sports clubs, 6 beaches and 1 water theme park, who says that th ...

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