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Singapore Guide
Districts & Street Names
» Insights of Singapore Districts
- Clarke Quay
- Club Street
- Chinatown
- Holland Village
- Jiak Kim / Robertson
- Katong
- Little India
- Marina Bay
- Mohamed Sultan
- Orchard Road
- Singapore River
- Sentosa Island
more districts
» Fact Sheet of Singapore Districts
» Singapore Street Names
Street Names view in map
History and meaning behind some of Singapore Streetnames.

About Eu Chin Street @ Chinatown
Seah Eu Chin (1805 to 18883). Seah Eu Chin was born in Swatow, Canton in 1805; his father Seah Keng Chin was an official in the province. Eu Chin came to Singapore in 1823. Through his hard work and enterprise, he became a clerk, dealing with Chine ...

About Iqbal Avenue @ Teachers’ Estate, Sembawang
Sir Muhammad Iqbal (1877 to 1938). Iqbal was born on 9 Nov 1877 in Punjab (Today's Pakistan ). A renowned poet and philosopher, Iqbal was born into a religious, small merchant family, in Lahore, Punjab. He first studied in his hometown Government C ...

About McNair Road @ Balestier, Singapore
McNair Road is named after John Frederick Adolphus McNair of the Royal Artillery. He is well known in Singapore's history as the Executive Engineer and Superintendent of Convicts in the Straits Settlements. He was also in charge of Public Works and t ...

Albert Street
Original place where Hindus held their fire-walking ceremony; tourist attraction in the early years. Until the 1970s Albert Street was famous for its Chinese restaurants, bars, medicine shop, and food stalls and a great tourist attraction. In the ea ...

Chitty Road - How Chitty Road in Singapore Came About
One of the colonies of Chitty Melaka (Chitty means merchant) or Peranakan India - the counterparts of the Peranakan Chinese - the Babas and Nonyas. The Peranakan India are part of our Indian community and descendants of the early South Indian merch ...

High Street
The first to be built in Singapore in 1819 High Street was the first street to be constructed in Singapore by the first town planner Lieutenant Henry Rafle, Gunnery Officer, Bengal Artilerry, East India Company. Rafle and his soldiers had to c ...

History of Clive Street in Little India
CLIVE STREET is named after Robert Clive (1725-1774) who laid the foundation for the British Empire in India. Clive had about 11 years of education in London but he was rather a hooligan and the black sheep in his family. At the age of 17, he joined ...

History of Hasting Road
Hasting Road is named after Warren Hastings (1732-1818) Governor-General of British India. Hastings Road is off Dalhousine Lane next to the Tekka Mall. Hastings never saw his parents; his mother died soon after his birth and his father left him in th ...

History of Minto Road
Minto Road came from Lord Minto Governor-General British India. Lord Minto served in British India as the Governor-General from 1905. He was born in London on 9 July 1845, studied at Cambridge and later served in the Scottish Guards. Lord Minto also ...

Intellectual Estates in Singapore
Do you know?Famous Chinese poets have gone down in history in Singapore, too.Li Po (李白) Avenue, Tu Fu (杜甫) Avenue, Tung Po (苏东坡) Avenue are three roads found at Teacher’s Estate, Yio Chu Kang R ...

Kadayanullur Street
School started by the Kadayanullur Tamil Muslim community as early as 1926 when they formed the Muslim Improvement Club. Pioneers in Tamil education to sustain their cultural heritage, values and traditions. Kadayanullur Street is named after the ...

Parsi Road
Parsis were early pioneers of Singapore who were Philanthropists and contributed to the economic prosperity of Singapore. In early Singapore several Parsis migrated here in 1829 and became merchants of some standing. Cursetjee was a well-known Pa ...

Swiss Club Road
Fierce battle in the Swiss Club area Swiss Club housed the Royal Australian Medical Corps During battle for Singapore final phase General Matsui set up his headquarters in Bukit Tinggi Hill and directed operations End of 1943 Japanese took over Swiss ...

Tagore Avenue @ Teachers’ Estate, Sembawang, Singapore
TAGORE AVENUE is named after Rabindranath Tagore (born on 7th May 1861 and died on 7th August 1941) who was a Bengali poet, short story writer, songwriter, playwright, essayist and painter. A versatile man indeed! He became famous after he was awar ...

The History of Mountbatten Road
“Everybody says you're right, and you begin to think how right they are to think you're always right.” – Lord Louis Mountbatten Mountbatten Road is named after Lord Louis Mountbatten (25 June 1900 – 27 August 1979), the last Viceroy and firs ...

The History of Temple Street, Chinatown
Temple Street in Chinatown was originally called Almeida Street, after Joaquim D'Almeida. D'Almeida was a Portuguese merchant who stopped at Singapore and purchased a large piece of land, a portion of which was later named Almeida Street. In 1908, ...

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