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Singapore Guide
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Transportation in Singapore view in map
Getting Around Tips while in Singapore

Cruise your way to work without ERP
Taking an idyllic trip to work seems unlikely given Singapore’s infrastructure crunch now. Public transport is a twice-daily nightmare for commuters who endure having their faces squashed against train doors, and are packed like sardines in bus ...

Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)
If you are planning to drive in Singapore, here are some information on ERP which you must know.Why ERP?Due to the overwhelming and continual increase in motor vehicle purchases over the years the ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) was set up by the aut ...

JetQuay: The New Travelling Tag to Be Seen With
It had to happen sooner or later. We already have VIPs, then VVIPs and now, get introduced to another social status that just seeks to make us go green with envy. Known as Commercially Important Person or CIP in short, this new title will be adorned ...

Public Transportation, Buses in Singapore
Before trains came along and when cars were really a status symbol, buses were the preferred way of travelling. Back then, buses were slow and the heat made it all the more undesirable. However, a lot of upgrades have been done to ...

Singapore Airlines, SIA Hop On Bus Service
Singapore's premiere world-class airline, Singapore Airlines, has teamed up with two of the country's leading tourist attractions, Clarke Quay and Sentosa, in making it easier for their passengers and the country's visitors to travel b ...

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit, SMRT, MRT
The MRT network is the most convenient and quickest way of getting around the island. Stops are frequent and it will give passengers an idea of the lesser-known areas of Singapore. Undoubtedly popular, this service is as synonymous as the w ...

Singapore River Taxi, Cruise by the River
I've seen it cruising up and down the stream, time and time again but it didn't occur to me that this typically tourist attraction is actually quite relaxing especially after sunset. After dinner at one of the more popular restaurants situ ...

Singapore Trolley, Tram service for City Viewing
Image (C) Poky Kim These Singapore Trams are operated by Singapore Duck Tours! It would be almost criminal for a tourist attraction like Singapore not to have a mode of transport that caters to the shopaholics and the tourists alike. T he i ...

The Different Taxis & Cabs in Singapore
Taxis are the easiest ways to go around Singapore, albeit more costly than the rest. Taxis can be flagged on the streets or at taxi stands located at all train stations, malls and hotels. The initial flag down meter fare starts between S$3.00, ...

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