The Cliff at Sentosa

The Cliff at Sentosa Resort is one of the top spots for fine dining in Singapore and the World's Gourmet Summit Best New Restaurant winner.

Its theatre of dining and décor designed by a famous Japanese designer, Mr. Yasuhiro Koichi, this alfresco style restaurant is the food paradise of grilled seafood and wine enthusiasts. Their menus are modern, showing diners the simple preparations and the wide variety of seafood that they offer. A favourite of mine of their best seafood from them so far, soy - pomegranate glazed black sea bass freshly grilled.

You will definitely enjoy their delicious post French modern cuisine, with the stunning sea views and gentle breeze of the South China Sea. Do come early as 6.30pm to view the nice sunset at this relaxed bar before you feast!

As costly as it seems, it is a sure worthwhile experience, spending for a romantic evening. Enjoy!

The Cliff
101 Siloso Road
Singapore 098970
Opening Hours: 6.30pm - 10.00pm (Mon - Sun) 
Tel:  (65) 6275-0331


Written by:
Farhana Selamat