Whether you are in love with subdued sunsets or falling head over heels with starry skies, The Edge is the place to spend the evening at.

Located at the roof terrace of Marina South Pier and overlooking an endless expanse of the sea, The Edge is an extension of Pier Eleven, a contemporary European restaurant that lends its menu to the delightfully quaint bar. The Edge is really nothing fancy – with just several wooden tables, chairs and a couple of daybeds for the occasional lovebirds at a corner of the terrace. Fortunately, there is plenty of open space all around for a little stroll and stargazing on green grass, even. The beauty of the bar starts working its magic once dusk falls; the bar is thrown into a mysterious twilight, without the glaring sunset rays because it thankfully faces the east. With the usual evening land breeze in your hair, you are guaranteed an enchanting moment with the streaky indigo-and-pink sky.

Indulge in some of their specialty mocktails under the dark velvet sky. The Sunset Dream ($8), Cranberry Cooler ($8) and Pier Ocean ($8) are all definite thirst-quenchers and perfect touches to a chill-out session with friends, especially if you are driving. The Cranberry Cooler is especially popular with its sour, tangy notes of the fruit and gorgeous cerise shade. If your stomach is rumbling, take heed and feast on some delicacies from Pier Eleven. Warm your stomach with a flavourful Seafood Broth ($5.50) and proceed onto a Seafood Linguini ($20) for a truly seafood spread by the sea. Or if you are just slightly peckish, have a Garlic Prawn Soba ($18) which features 6 garlic-fried prawns laid atop a modest serving of soba noodles – the ideal choice for ladies on a diet.

The Edge is a fabulous place for the proverbial melancholy to gaze into the starry sky, sighing life away. It can also be a really wonderful place to chill out with friends, family or that special someone if they learn to stop repeating the same 10 odd ballads throughout the night. Then again, if you are there to yak the night away, you will probably not be affected by the music, or lack thereof.