The Straits Times. Life! This Weekend: Full Page Article on The Entertainment Chameleon

"He breaks the Ice and adds the Spice at your Company Dinner & Dance"
"He is the Snazzy Product Launch Showman that brings the Groove to Gadgets"
"He is the Guy with Mike that tells the Entire Shopping Mall to throw their Hands in the Air"
"He has a Big Bag of Tricks of which he pulls out Many Voices and Character"

Telok Blangah Community Club Xmas Under the Stars: Producer & Show Host

"Shake - small guy with a really big personality. Shake did a fantastic job of keeping the crowd entertained at my Christmas under the Stars event right to the very end. Because of his charisma, audiences were more than willing to come up on stage to sing, dance and participate in games with him. Shake was also a man of many faces doubling up as Santa Claus and Elvis Presley in his stand-up comedy segments. Shake really shook my audiences and I wouldn't hesitate engaging him again for future events. Great job, Shake. Thank you!"