When it comes to the club scene, the new kid on the block always gets the harshest beatings or the most questionable of praises. Most tend to follow the fail-safe approach executed by larger brand names that we’ve all grown familiar to. Location is always limited to the two quays or a particular road, the music is kept commercial at a certain point, with nuances of dj-ing skills, overly priced cover charges and even pricier drinks and a publicity blitz that can rival that of a Trump’s wedding.

So, the arrival of Barbaablackchic (BBBC, in synonym), though a quiet affair, proved to be the most refreshing change that Singapore ’s overly-exhausted clubbing scene could use. Tucked away in Little India, and far from the infamous stretches, this urban-chic installment offers what the rest seemed to be lacking.

Situated in a two-storey shophouse, don’t be surprised when you enter the club and start to wonder where the chic in Barbaablackchic is. The interior of the dance floor is purposely kept raw and stripped down, with its concrete staircase and exposed brick walls, to make way for the light plays that illuminate this new spot. Hues of colours will provide a visual spectacle, particularly at the raised bar. The music is also edgy with dj maestros in the likes of Yukun and P@t hypnotizing us with the hard-hitting and fast-paced beats of Trance.

However, if you find the bass too loud for the eardrums and causing more of a migraine than the will to trash around on the dance floor, the second floor will provide the perfect refuge. Treat yourself to daybeds galore, the new rage in town. But, they’re quite limited so, disappointment might arise. A stark contrast from the mayhem that has occurred one floor below, it’s hard to believe that the two co-existed in the same place. Music here has an indie vibe with the djs spinning lounge music. White curtains, played off against red lighting, sets the perfect ambience for what the most hardcore clubbers will term “winding-down”. Trust me when I say, the atmosphere is sleep-inducing, save for the almost-harsh bright house lights.

And as for the drinks? The gem amidst curry leaves charges cheaper for drinks. Happy hour prices are 2 jugs for $24. Options for food are also available though, they’re what you would expect from most pubs. But, beggars can’t be choosers, while you’re still in there at least.

Due to its location, the club attracts a noticeable stream of tourists, particularly those from the nearby hostels. Alongside with that, you will also get to see the local trance-enthusiasts. It’s a nice mix, though co-amalgamation seemed unlikely in the beginning.

But that’s the surprise that BBBC has in store for you. From white flags being raised outside its club to its unexpected crowd demographics, the new joint seemed likely to stay longer than most, in this fickle industry of Singapore nightlife.

Opening hours :  Monday,Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
                           (closed on Wednesday) 6 pm to midnight
                           Friday till 3 a.m
                           Saturday till 4 a.m

Tel                    : 62979397

Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi