Hungry late night crawlers have the option of Spize World to fill their tummies with the yummies. Conveniently located in River Valley Road , it’s near to Zouk and also just a few minutes of cab ride away from Mohammed Sultan Stretch. Serving almost every type of food there, Spize World sees its fair share of sweaty clubbers and residents from nearby condominiums.

With tables spread out to the kerb, the atmosphere there is very laid back. There are options of open-air sitting or within the walls of the restaurant itself. Like most late night supper joints, the place offers a very Asian menu, with touches of Western influences. However, unlike most places, their menu is more extensive. You can have the option of local delights like Nasi Goreng (cooked in Chinese, Malay or Indian styles), mee goreng and also fish burgers. You will be spoilt for choice, since you will probably not know what to order, especially with the banging headache or the insomnia that’s getting the better of you. Good for a large crowd, the place will satisfy everyone from the fussy eater to the decisive and vehement loner.

Furthermore, the service there is quite unpredictable. At times, they were are attentive and really quick with the orders. And there were times, when you will have to wait till kingdom comes. It can get quite frustrating, particularly if you’re already tired at 3 a.m. However, the large crowd parked outside is testament to its food quality. While not all will be fantastic, some do stand out like the Nasi Goreng Ayam Black Pepper and Nasi Padprik. Prices range from $3.50 for a simple dish to the more than $10 for the more intricate ones.

Notably, you can get almost everything here. It is the perfect choice for those days when you just don’t have an idea of what you are up for. However, be warned that your headache will not subside just like that, upon seeing the choices laid out for you.

Spize World is located at 409, River Valley Road

Tel: 6734 9194

Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi