While we live in a time where clubs tend to blur their music lines, and the crowd just confuses, Home Club just gives you a clear-cut idea of what it’s about. We are talking about a no-nonsense, alternative offering here. This is a place where it is all about the music and the mindset. Nobody comes here for the flash, glam or brand splashing. It is about pure entertainment, plain and simple.

Nestled at the Riverwalk, this small pad has a distinct ‘off’ feeling. If your clubbing dictionary has only included names like MOS and Zouk, then this is the anti-thesis of the mega complexes. Cosy and non-pretentious in its offering, the ‘we-have-not-been-brainwashed-by-mass-consumerism’ conviction will just ripple through your bones. With graffiti drawings on the walls, the minimalist interior gives off a blasé ‘do-what-you-want’ message. You know these people are all about serious mind clearing and that they will never bother with trying too hard. However, when you are known to be the only place that offers the genre of music that you do, and executing them with such excellence that has the mob coming back, then you know you’ve got it right somewhere.

Their music offerings are not what you will get in other commercialised clubs. With drum and bass taking up deck here, and indie heaven such as the much-hyped about POP Tart, being put on the plate at random moments, they pretty much have got their clientele whipped. Seriously speaking, they maybe small, but they have an army of the funky behind them. It is not about the who’s who or thread watching here. It’s about being around those who share the pleasure you get from your music addiction. From the indie chicks to the musicians to the advertising executives, this joint is palpitating with creative appreciation. It’s like being taken back to the 70s where it’s all about making love, and not war, sans drugs and sex, of course. If you go there looking to be worshipped, then you’d better have the musical inclination of Hendrix, with the devil-may-care attitude of Morrisey. Otherwise, take your party somewhere else. We’re not saying the crowd here is hostile, just that they really cannot seem to be bothered. There is a weird sense camaraderie in being effortless, particularly when sitting outside by the river.

So with all the love that is flowing, the drinks will be rolling as well. Pouring the traditional house pours, the charges are pretty much standardised with the rest of the pubs. Quality of the drinks is not too far off from what you may get elsewhere either. However, during parties, it has been known to increase the prices. So watch out for that one. On top of that, the place can heat up pretty fast, especially with the small space and their huge draw of the indie and alternative market. Unless you really get into the groove and swing of things, you will notice the difference.

Ultimately, Home Club is a haven for those who shun the major offerings of our night entertainment scene. It is spared of the unnecessary needs of the fussy and is all about taking in a vibe that is just carefree. It is really a good substitute for those who have had enough of commercial clubbing, which is taking up an almost stressful feel to it. No frills, no lace here. What you hear is what you get.

Home Club
Tel: 6538 2928

Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi