The risks with taking out a name so universally synonymous with clubbing aces, and trying to recreate them in another country come in multiple-folds. Firstly, there are the expectations that come with using such a well known label. Secondly, there is the fear of fizzling out once the crowd sees through it. Thirdly, there is the problem of competing with already established names that is very well-versed with the local market. Ministry of Sound’s opening last year generated such a huge buzz, that it casted a shadow and fear for other clubs in the region. However, with time, it was a matter of maintaining that buzz, and keeping the crowd coming. Cause as we all know, not everyone in Singapore clubs.

The massively huge complex of approximately 40, 000 square feet, takes residence in Clarke Quay, the new hip place on this island. The opening created snaking queues that followed them for the next few months. This, in itself, launched a sea of complains from guests who felt that the move was deliberate. Now, gone are the queues, with MOS entertaining a loyal clientele who just keeps coming back. The crowd here is really varied, almost bizarre in fact. You will get your Ferrari driving big-shots who zip straight through the queue, in their fancy wheels nonetheless, right up to valet, and in through the VIP tent. And then, on the flip side, you will witness the odd group which looks like they belong more in a karaoke joint, that serves a lot of XOs while they belt out canto pop hits. Everybody seems to want to have a taste of this relatively new offering with a reputation that blazes all the way back to UK.

Segregated into different rooms with different themes, the interior of MOS will leave anyone astounded. Having finished their renovations last month, the main hall now takes on a more cirque-du-soleil feel with acrobatic mannequins hanging on the wall. There is a gigantic disco ball placed right in the middle of the dance floor, and a gorgeous water fountain that trickles against the backdrop. Playing mostly house, electro house and trance, this room is catered to those who likes their beats fast and hard. Going through a tunnel, Smoove attracts the wannabe P Diddys and Jay Zs of this island, with hip hop being served on the plate. Complete with a cage that separates the dance floor from the rest of the room, this cage room is always packed and usually one of the first to reach full capacity.

On the second floor, you will be brought back to the retro era of bellbottoms and mullets with Studio 54. Miami Vice fever sure hit this place sooner than it did Colin Farell. Complete with a dance floor lit with colored lights and lots of disco balls, this is the room for those who feel a need to travel back in time. It is, by far, the most impressive room ever created within a complex. It amazingly makes you feel like boogie-ing to the tunes of Earth, Wind and Fire. Then, there’s Pure, a place filled with daybeds and resonates with down tempo house. Strictly for those above 25, the chill out lounge is white, white, white. Watch it with your red wine. If you spill it, you’re buying the $ 60,000 bed. Ok, just kidding. But then again, you never know.

To explain the Ferraris and the Lamborghinis that you will see parked right next to the club, you will need to venture into the special rooms that they have. The Sky lounge is a place so exclusive that even your Ferrari cannot guarantee you a spot. Filled with huge sofa chairs, and with a one-way glass window, this is the place to see and be seen leaving. Along with that, there are other rooms that are set aside for special events and private functions. Of course, they come with a price, but the exclusivity of these rooms is worth the dollars. You even get the choice of which room’s music you want to channel into yours.

Drinks there, however, are shockingly not in line with the club’s massive reputation. There did not seem to be a sense of standardisation amidst the servers, and at times, makes you wonder exactly what is in that glass of yours. The service staff within the complex too, can at times, make you wonder your existence there. Some were not compliant with changes, while others merrily zoomed in front of your flailing hand. But then again, maybe they’re just busy, considering how huge the place is. Walking up and down alone is enough of a cardio work out.

Ultimately, Ministry of Sound is definitely worth a try, since it is not often that you get to experience clubbing in a place that is so famous around the world. Its novelty branding alone, is enough of an attraction for most party people. However, its huge complex might make you feel lost, and lose your friends, from what we’ve observed. Then again, who needs friends when you can just party your night away and make new ones?

Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi