The mark of a great club is the vibe you get upon entering the place. In a country like ours, with its flourishing night entertainment industry, the choices are plenty. From mega complexes to dodgier-than- OJ discotheques, we’ve seen it all. However, the Butter Factory is one place that so far, has managed to encapsulate an aura that is so riveting, you will feel like you’re walking in an upscale version of the Bronx, that has been previously vandalized by Japanese punks.

The club with the Mick-Jagger lips packs a mean punch, in more ways than one. The ‘Art Bar’ interior has walls filled with manga illustrations. Saved from any sense of pretentiousness, this artistic outlook furnished it with an urban culture that is fresh yet familiar. The harmonious blend of white ( though limited) chairs and a lighting that is unlike others, inculcates an invitation to embrace your inner child. And if you think the place is small ( like we did the first time we were there), well, chances are you did not notice the steel doors at the sides. That, our fellow esteemed readers, is where the party is.

This enclave is designed after a swimming pool, right down to the blue flooring, diving platform and the metal steps ( we’re not kidding and neither are they). The patio area has lounge chairs, exactly like those you will find at your condominiums. However, the VIP area stands out with its regal velvety interior. Sponsored by Moet & Chandon, it is somewhat reminiscent of a mini-Velvet Underground.

Who gets to that area we are unsure, but the young club sees its fair share of yuppies who are looking for a good night out. Not surprisingly, the crowd is fabulous on Fridays. (For some reason, all these young execs love to club after work.) From the funks of the media world to the digits-driven banking industry, they come here regularly, albeit its lack of advertising stints. However, when a club is already so solid in its foundation, word-of-mouth is more than enough to entice others.

Besides that, they get an attractive stream of ladies patronising their one-floor complex. The guys there however, do not seem to match up. It’s a phenomenon we are just as baffled about. With a strict dress code, the girls are dressed to impress with their slinky tops and tight jeans. As for the guys, as long as you’re not in sandals and shorts, you will cruise along just fine. However, when you can, please flip through a copy of GQ or something. At the very least, dress stylishly to give some credit to the girls.

Service there is up-to-par with what you will expect from most decent clubs. However, word has it that the bosses come down regularly to meet with their regular customers, though incognito. Set up by the unlikely combo of a lawyer and a hairdresser, their willingness not to snub their supporters explains why they are still able to hold a candle in an industry where crowds come and go. Admittedly, the club was started up with an intention of entertaining their friends. However, this has been alleviated by the fact that Butter Factory is known to be one of the trendiest clubs to be at, friends or otherwise. Especially if your taste of music is more street than house. With a ‘wicked’ soundtrack of hip and hop and r&b blasting through their speakers, we are glad to say that your weekly dosage doesn’t have to come from those clubs that line up the “wrong side” of Boat Quay.

With a menu that is not extensive as others, the drinks offered there come with some unique concoctions of their own. The Iced tea , a drink that consists of almost every liqueur you can think of, has a tangy taste that will hit you like a citrus explosion. But once you get onto this intoxicating lemonade, you will be left with a sweet after-taste similar to those sweets that have exploding heads on their wrappers. And if you’re more of a shots person, then you will love its ‘peanut butter’ served in shooters. If your breakfast serving come in that liquid form, maybe you will be more enticed to wake up for it. Do note that they are not in the war of drinks pricing after 9pm. So if you’re there in the hopes of one-for-ones, please take your budget somewhere else first. You can always return when you’re ready to party.

To give credit where credit is due, Butter Factory offers answers where others just seem to confuse. With a crowd that can be aesthetically pleasing , an interior that screams street chic, and music that is otherwise reserved for those in their baseball jerseys and baggies, you cannot deny that the place expresses a great vibe that is artsy yet not faux paux. It will be interesting to see how this relatively new club plays it up especially since they look poised to become an addiction for many. We have given you enough excuses to go check out the girls and everything else there anyways.

Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi