The concept behind Thumper is simple. Good music, good company and an even better time. Having had established itself as the place to see and be seen at since its launch in 2004, Thumper's almost low-profile existence bears no testament to this enclave‘s popularity. With an ability to throw wild parties, it's about time to pay this club a second visit.

Nestled in the unlikely but very convenient location of Goodwood Park Hotel, Thumper is a vision of a slightly upscale but not bordering towards pretentiousness décor. The interior is introduced with an interesting play of colours, to make you feel like you're walking through a geometric path. A large enough dance area makes up a large percentage of the space, in front of the stage. Plus, for some odd reason, the bar is never too far away, no matter where you're seated or standing. ( No, alcohol is not that strong a motivation. ) A very prominent members section is barricaded via the elusive velvet rope.

However, who cares for exclusivity when you have the glorious options of the terrace. Located right outside the club, it is a picture of perfect serenity with its oh-so-delightfully-comfy sofa chairs. And we have yet to include the view of night time Orchard Road that you will get just by placing yourself there. This is one of those rare moments when you really are fairly compensated for not having the fame or the fortune to get into the VIP area. Visually, Thumper is chic enough to host the girls of Sex and the City .

Your visual pleasure is nicely complemented with Thumper's resident band, Wat Da Funk ( nice play on the words ). Belting out contemporary and familiar hits, the band is good at relaying the energy on stage right down to the dance floor. Even if you're not a fan of bands, ( like we are ), your feet will tap and your head will bop once in a while. Credit given where credit is due. On top of that, there is a resident DJ that fills up the space. Like most bars, the music here is commercial and radio-friendly, so you need not worry about being labelled ‘uncool' when you can't differentiate between an Oakenfold hit and Jay-z's mastery.

While their music may not exactly be the who's who of musical prodigies, their crowd sure make up for it. Having garnered enough international star power to grace the bar (think Beckham, Black Eyed Peas), Thumper now attracts a steady stream of a more matured crowd. However, their tie-up with T-Models means that it has its fair share of the beautiful people coming in, particularly on Thursday nights ( Alice in Thumperland; free flow of house pours for ladies) and on the weekends. Good pick-up joint? Maybe, if you have something to make up for your lack of looks. Lots of eye candy? That's a given.

Service there on the other hand is prompt, thanks to the relatively good staff to customer ratio. The bar is filled with bartenders and bar maids, and the wait staff is equally friendly and polite. Don't worry. You don't have to be a star or gorgeous to get star treatment.

At the end of the day, Thumper has all the right formula to make your night an all-sensory pleasure. From visual to taste buds, its appeal is undeniable. The joint has laid it all out for you to play it out. How much pleasure you get on one visit though, boils down entirely to how much pleasure you can give.

Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi