Bar Cocoon

Stepping beyond the great walls of Forbidden City and its towering terracotta warriors, and entering Bar CoCoon is like embarking on a National Treasure movie set, where relics and antique pieces of the Ming and Qing Dynasty make up the interior's decoration. Of course, Bar CoCoon offers more than a trip back to ancient China – its massive opium beds, lounge arm-chairs and drapes of silk cloth swirling sensually provides a hypnotic seduction to every sense in the body.

Make a statement just by entering Bar CoCoon, for Indochine boasts of a modern and classy clientele of Caucasians, office executives and gorgeous people in general. There is also Singapore 's first “ Ice Palace ” where premium 42 Below Vodka is served to the bold and brazen. Hand-sculpted tables, bartop and vodka glasses are a pleasure to behold (provided one manages to reach out an icy hand to test their authenticity) while extremely smooth Vodka shots (priced at $15 per shot) keeps the body's core temperature snug warm, at least for a while.

Bar CoCoon's stunning ambience of silk drapery screams sensuality, seduction and simply charm. Indulge in their specialty drinks like the Butterfly Effect ($18), a tropical mix of Sour Apple Liquor, Manuka Honey Vodka and pineapple juice. An apt name indeed, for its vibrant colours reflect a titillating sweet and refreshing cocktail with a tinge of sourness. Be enveloped by swirling cloth as you lounge on day-beds like a king and watch sleek dance moves on a dance platform cum an aquarium while the DJ plays his set.

It isn't easy to get up and leave, especially with such relaxing ambience and good music. If you are into Electro, House and Funk, Bar CoCoon is the place to be seen. So release the social butterfly in you, and catch ‘em beautiful people in the sanctuary of Forbidden City whilst the night remains young.

Written by:
Viviane Then