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Singapore Clubs & Discos - Singapore Clubs Reviews

Attica: One Wild Night
When Attica first opened up, word spread faster than a speeding bullet about its crowd. Infamous for housing a clientele of the gorgeous and the glam, many were intrigued by this hip joint set along the now-in Clarke Quay. Some said that it brought t ...

Bar CoCoon : Enveloped in Seduction
Stepping beyond the great walls of Forbidden City and its towering terracotta warriors, and entering Bar CoCoon is like embarking on a National Treasure movie set, where relics and antique pieces of the Ming and Qing Dynasty make up the interior's ...

Barbaablackchic: BBBC @ Perak Road
When it comes to the club scene, the new kid on the block always gets the harshest beatings or the most questionable of praises. Most tend to follow the fail-safe approach executed by larger brand names that we’ve all grown familiar to. Locatio ...

Get Thumpin!
The concept behind Thumper is simple. Good music, good company and an even better time. Having had established itself as the place to see and be seen at since its launch in 2004, Thumper's almost low-profile existence bears no testament to this encla ...

Home! Sweet Home!
While we live in a time where clubs tend to blur their music lines, and the crowd just confuses, Home Club just gives you a clear-cut idea of what it’s about. We are talking about a no-nonsense, alternative offering here. This is a place where it i ...

Ministry of Sound and Rooms
The risks with taking out a name so universally synonymous with clubbing aces, and trying to recreate them in another country come in multiple-folds. Firstly, there are the expectations that come with using such a well known label. Secondly, the ...

The Butter Factory: Buttering Up the Urban Culture
The mark of a great club is the vibe you get upon entering the place. In a country like ours, with its flourishing night entertainment industry, the choices are plenty. From mega complexes to dodgier-than- OJ discotheques, we’ve seen it all. Howeve ...

The Edge: Starry, Starry Night
Whether you are in love with subdued sunsets or falling head over heels with starry skies, The Edge is the place to spend the evening at. Located at the roof terrace of Marina South Pier and overlooking an endless expanse of the sea, The Edge is an ...

Zouk: Still Kickin It?
The Zouk vibe has taken on a more party paradise feel, as opposed to the almost-cold stone structure it used to be. Having gone through renovations late last year, the warehouse building carries off the aura of Greek tranquility, with sun signs bei ...

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