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Singapore Guide
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Entertainment in Singapore view in map
Singapore Nightlife Entertainment - Where to find good entertainment

Crazy Horse, Sexing the City Up
It’s cabaret in its rawest form. Having opened with much international celebration and local skepticism, Crazy Horse proved to be the next level of arts appreciation that is much-needed in Singapore. With a concept that is so foreign in our country ...

Dos and Donts at the Starlight Cinema
It’s a novel affair, screening movies in the open-field. Rarely do you get a chance to see Tom Cruise leap out of a moving car or Jennifer Aniston crying for a man or Wolverine in his tight latex, in the calmness of the open air. However, as exciti ...

Shakes Funny World
The Straits Times. Life! This Weekend: Full Page Article on The Entertainment Chameleon"He breaks the Ice and adds the Spice at your Company Dinner & Dance""He is the Snazzy Product Launch Showman that brings the Groove to Gadgets""He is the Guy ...

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