Orchard Road Singapore

Size & Population: 1 Sq km with an estimated 1,600 residents.

About: The Orchard area has three sub-zones; Tanglin, Boulevard and Somerset.

History: Orchard Road was named after the many nutmegs plantations, fruit orchards and pepper farms that used to line the street in the 1830’s. Takashimaya’s current location used to be a Chinese cemetery. In the 1840s there were no houses south of Orchard Road. As the city developed and progress inland from the Padang area, plantations along Orchard Road gave way to houses (mainly bungalows) in Scotts and Tanglin Road. Commercial development sprouted up in the area in the early 1900s and it soon became the shopping hub of Singapore.

Orchard Road
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Place of Interest: Stretching almost 2.5km from Tanglin to the Istana (President’s residence), Orchard Road (District 9) is a world-renowned shopping district. Residential: There are quite a fair bit of condominiums available along Orchard Road e.g., Scotts 28 Condominium, Grange Residences and the king of all condominiums here Admore Park which is highly sought after by expats and Indonesians. Cost of living in this district is extremely high because of its prime location. Property: There are currently 22 Properties up for sale or rent in this zone. Of which 5 Properties are for sale and 17 Properties are for Rent.


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