Right smack in the middle of the island and only minutes from Orchard Road , City Hall is a great place to uncover on foot. Surrounded with historical landmarks such as the Supreme Court as well as newly erected mega structures like the Esplanade, observe Singapore ’s metamorphosis from its once humble beginnings of a British colony to today’s cosmopolitan city.

If walking under the hot sun is something you could do without, simply take a right at City Hall MRT station and walk straight into the comforts of CityLink - Singapore’s first subterranean mall which cleverly connects the train station to One Raffles Link. Follow the signs diligently and you could find yourself “burrowing” your way out to other interesting places in the bay areas such as Suntec City , Marina Square and Singapore ’s centre for the arts, the Esplanade.

Perhaps an extension to Singapore ’s passion for shopping, CityLink offers you everything any full fledged mall can. From great eats to designer underwear, marvel at the huge variety of stores packed into this 350 meter long, air-conditioned underpass. Apart from just hitting major retail stores try not to miss out on daily pickings of the smaller pushcarts.

Should you lose your way or require assistance, fret not and head on down to the “Concierge”. Not exactly on par with service at the Ritz, the smartly attired staff - complete with coat and tie - will help answer all your questions about anything within the area. Opening time for shops starts at about 10am and close around 10pm giving you 12 hours worth of great shopping!

Fabulous as it may sound, try avoiding this part of town between 5pm to about 7pm unless you intend to compete for both space and fresh air. Prepare yourself as massive numbers of office workers make a mad dash for trains and eating joints nearby - resulting in some serious human traffic issues with Friday evenings being the worst. Inherently, causing the once simple task of jumping into a cab IMPOSSIBLE! Weekends are packed but the mall comes alive as shoppers hit the stores in full force.