It’s a six storey cosmopolitan complex that signifies the beginning of the true shopping belt for most. With its cool glass-covered exterior, Wheelock Place has reserved itself as a niche urban option for those who know what they want. Marked significantly with a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf al-fresco outlet outside its doors, Wheelock Place sees the urban exec, the funky undergrad and the chichi fashionista coming together to enjoy what it has to offer. Triggering more than just the needs to fulfil shopping desires, Wheelock Place sets a lifestyle that is more urbane and uniquely catered for the essentially mod.

Located strategically on Shaw Street and at the junction of Shaw House and Orchard MRT station, Wheelock Place is largely associated with the patrons who are there to just take it easy at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlet. It’s a famous stretch to sit, read, people-watch or merely to idle the time. Stepping inside the centre, the shopping starts from the basement levels, which lead out to an underpass to Shaw Centre. These lower levels are monopolised by British fashion brand Marks & Spencer, famed for bringing in styles that are more figure friendly and a bath line that is comparable to the familiar designer names at your beauty counters.

Floor domination goes one level up, quite literally, with Borders taking up residence on the main floor. Known as a joint that turned nerds into hip-sters, this popular American bookstore also brings in CDs that are otherwise unavailable, posters and other hip products. With a very friendly disposition towards it, the shop is patronised by almost anyone, and not just limited to students or geeks.

Comparatively, the next few floors are more diverse in their offerings. Truly a one-stop outlet for lifestyle needs, Wheelock houses the techy-hip Apple Epic Centre, sports-giant and Zizou-endorsed Adidas and major food eateries such as Fish & Co, Sakae Sushi and NYDC. However, the appeal in Wheelock Place is the non-franchised stores that have set up base there. With some niche names around like CheChe (a known bag haven for the stylish) and Strip (famous for stripping away the excessive foliage), the multiple levels of Wheelock offers more than just vanity needs.

  • Dollz Inc. (Level 2)

    A collectors’ utopia, the cute store brings in dolls from all around the world for those who are passionate about their plastics. Barbie fanatics can find possibly every single model of this beyond-perfection ideal while those offered with the Japanese culture can fulfil their harajuku dreams with the Ultraman and what-nots that are on sale here.

  • Substance (Level 2)

    Substance is a brand that is quietly famed for soles that are comfortable and sinfully gorgeous. Reasonably priced, they are the answers for those with shoe fetishes and want to maintain a collection that can rival those of Imelda Marcos’s. Complemented with equally unique bags, this brand has been around long enough, with an arresting presence that makes anyone stop, look and go in.

  • Nikko (Level 3)

    Automotives come in handy sizes here. With the Ferraris, BMWs and Jaguars that are zipping through our city now, it is hard to want to own them. However, you don’t have to wait forever before having one of your own. An automobile enthusiast’s dream, the all-boys store bring in miniatures of every brand of vehicle that you can think of. On top of that, they also have collectibles from the famous F1 brands for those who want to push their love for cars into an obsession. Pride for your wheels can include t-shirts, caps and mugs!

  • Strip ( Level 3)

    The ministry of waxing. Painful as it may sound, Strip staffs are officials when it comes to getting rid of unnecessary hair. Accommodating to men as well, this famous brand has made thousands go ouch and yet still leave them wanting to come back for more. With ranges of services provided, you can also couple your session with manicures and pedicures.

Although once closed down while it was Park Lane , Wheelock Place has come back with a stronger and more prominent standing than what it used to. From your lifestyle needs to your shopping obsession, Wheelock Place will set you in an ambience, driven by modernity.

Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi