Istana park

Singapore’s premier park, Istana Park, offers a number of unique features not found in other parks on the island. The Festival Arch is the centerpiece of this 1.3-ha park. It is designed to symbolize the gate-posts and railings at the Istana’s entrance and it enhances the visual link across Orchard Road. The Festival Arch is a landmark marking the gateway to the Civic District.

The park has a pool, the first of its kind in Singapore. Coconut palms in the adjoining Palm Pools seem to emerge from the water, reinforcing the impression of a tropical oasis in the heart of Orchard Road.

Istana Park

Fronting the main Istana Gate, the park provides a vantage point for people keen to view the monthly changing of guards’ ceremony at the Istana. In the evening, the park is transformed into an oasis of light. The park is one of the venues identified for the enhanced lighting under the URA lighting master-plan. One of the main highlight is the lighting of special plants in the park.

Activities: Musical and Cultural Performances.