West Coast Park was first developed in 1979 on a piece of reclaimed land off West Coast Highway, covering an area of 50-ha. It has since been well used by residents from the western region of Singapore. In the late 80s, PSA commenced reclamation on the coastline of the park for port development. The massive port development took up almost 2/3 of the park’s coastline, affecting park visitor-ship. Built on reclaimed land, the settlement of the land led to a waterlogged problem on the lawn area, further deterring park visitors.

To revitalize the park and to attract more park visitors, National Parks has improved infrastructure and added in many interesting features and facilities. The Phase 1 development, which covers area 2 and 3 (western portion), was commenced in November 98 and was completed in July 2000.

With the theme “Play Centre in the West”, the Western portion of West Coast Park has been transformed into a haven for park visitors who enjoy challenging and adventurous activities. Standing at the centre of the area 3 is the adventure play area that caters to people of different age groups from toddlers to young adults. This is the heart and most active zone of the West Coast Park. If you like a quiet and peaceful environment, the eastern portion at the area 1 would be a good choice for park users to rest and relax.

Facilities: Adventure playground, bicycle distance course, fitness corner, exercise garden (including chess garden, foot reflexology facilities and bird cage trellis), grand lawn, sand play area, marsh garden, bird sanctuary, 15 boat-shaped barbeque pits, tent pitching ground and dog run corner.

Activities: BBQ, bird-watching, in-line skating, camping, cycling, exercising