Bishan ParkImage (C) Wolfics Tay

Bishan park is one of the largest and most popular parks in Singapore. The park has lakes, bridges, colourful shrubs and lush greenery. Built in 1988, it sits between 2 housing estates, Ang Mo Kio and Bishan. The beauty of the park is often captured on prints by shutterbugs or used as backdrop for wedding pictures.

The cycling track, children’s playground, fish/prawn ponds and shaded lawn provide endless enjoyable hours for cycling, fishing or merely picnicking for families, children or youth. When the ponds were leased out for recreational fishing, fishing enthusiasts can be seen spending hours especially on weekends trying their luck with the freshwater fishes bred here.

Plant lovers will be glad to know that a variety of plants were planted at special landscaped points in the park. These includes the Palm Court.

Facilities: Playground, fitness equipment, restrooms, shelters, cycling tracks, foot reflexology path, dog run, vegetable planting.