Located at the heart of Asia, Sentosa is Singapore’s lifestyle resort destination. A host of themed attractions, great beaches, entertainment, hotels and golf courses Sentosa creates a great lifestyle experience. There is always something new at Sentosa waiting to be discovered. This tropical island is the perfect getaway from the busy metropolitan city life.

Hop on the Sentosa Luge, be a flying trapeze artiste and soar through the sky. Enter magical Sentosa 4D Magix for a great virtual reality, multi- sensory experience. Here at Sentosa, you have your day packed full with adventure! For quiet moments, stroll along their white, pristine beaches, trek through the lush green tropical rainforest or treat yourself for a spa treat.

Sentosa is certainly filled with variety of rides and sights, shopping, and clubbing. Discover more at Sentosa, and ignite your senses!

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