Once you step afoot this island, you can find your own slice of paradise among the many exciting attractions - history and culture come alive, entertainment by day and night, lush green surroundings to explore, manicured gardens, dancing fountains and two challenging international 18-hole golf courses with scenic undulating views.

Sentosa Island is worth a full day's (and night's) visit (in fact, if you have the time, you should allocate at least 2 days to this island). Here, you can dine on sumptuous lobster laksa, play beach volleyball by a bar then quench your thirst with a frozen margarita, or simply chill out at a spa shrouded in lush greenery.

  • History
    Formerly a fishing village turned British military base, Sentosa (meaning peace and tranquility) was transformed into an idyllic island resort in 1972

  • Today
    The island is now a themed attraction, tropical resort, nature park and heritage centre all rolled into one! Just minutes away from the city by cable car, ferry or road, Singapore's Island Resort is a 390-hectare recreational jewel boasting a kaleidoscope of attractions and activities.  Plans are on the way for Singapore's second Integrated Resort to be build here in this island (the first one is at Marina Bay).

  • Highlights

    Beach Party!
    Chill out and party on Sentosa beach for a change of environment from the city life. Beach babies will love the exciting games and sea sports available along the 3.2-km long sandy beaches stretching across Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong. From the hustle and bustle of city to the quiet tranquility of the beach and the sea, Sentosa beach is a haven of beautiful ladies and gentlemen in their finest beach wear. Catch the romantic sunset at Sunset Bay, and take in the great view of the southern islands; Sentosa is Singapore's seaside escape.

    You can also Cycle, canoe, go horseback riding or in-line skating, or simply unwind at the beach pubs.

    On weekends
    the beach pubs will spring into action as beach volleyball fans flock to Siloso Beach for their favourite game. In recent years, Sentosa has also gained international fame for holding some of Singapore's most exciting themed events like the Sentosa Sandsation (an international sandsculpting event), Black Moon Foam Parties, Zouk Out Dance Festival and Sentosa's yearly Countdown Parties!

At night
The party starts! Take an evening stroll through the enchanting Fountain Gardens, bathed in fairy lights, or gaze at the glittering skyline from the crown of The Merlion or Dragon Court. Uncover the legend of The Merlion when you tread upon the Merlion Walk, a 120-metre long walkway lined with colourful mosaic water jets. The ever popular Musical Fountain - Dance of Fire and Water Show offers a spectacular light and sound experience after dark. The latest laser technology is combined with motion pictures and 3-D animated images, choreographed to a ballet of dancing water fountains, multi-sensory music and lights.

There are lots of places of attractions for you to visit in Sentosa. Below we have compiled a list of things and more information about Sentosa for you to explore:
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Singapore Tourism Board