About the Route
We have planned three different ruotes for you which showcases different aspects of Singapore’s historic beginnings and its current judicial, civil, cultural and commercial heart.

Exploring the Singapore River in its entirety will give you an in-depth look into its rich history, as well as a sense of early life here. However, a visit to its main highlights will allow you to capture the essence of the area. You can end your route on a relaxing or romantic note with a meal by the river or a scenic evening river cruise.

We strongly recommend going on Weekdays. It’s best to start routes 1 and 3 in the late morning or early afternoon, to take advantage of the guided tours that some attractions offer. A late afternoon start is ideal for route 2, to get the best river cruise views, and enjoy dinner and nightlife at the quays.

About 2.5 to 3 hours for route 1 (red route); 2 hours for route 2 (blue route); and 40 mins for route 3 (purple route). Add 30 to 45 mins for a river cruise.

Dress Code
When entering places of worship, many require modest dressing, like long skirts or trousers for women.

Rest Stops
Take as many as you need, at the host of cafes, shops or restaurants you’ll come across along your route.

Singapore River, Route 1
Singapore River, Route 2
Singapore River, Route 3

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