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Singapore Guide
Districts & Street Names
» Insights of Singapore Districts
- Clarke Quay
- Club Street
- Chinatown
- Holland Village
- Jiak Kim / Robertson
- Katong
- Little India
- Marina Bay
- Mohamed Sultan
- Orchard Road
- Singapore River
- Sentosa Island
more districts
» Fact Sheet of Singapore Districts
» Singapore Street Names
Insights of Singapore River view in map
Insights and Travel information about Singapore River. What to do, Where to go, River Cruises & Planned Tours

About Singapore River
The Singapore River tells a tale like no other location in Singapore. Along this stretch, Singapore’s past, present and future are inextricably intertwined.Once a small fishing village and settlement situated mid-way along the China-India trade rou ...

Singapore River History of Old Singapore Boat Quay
History of Old Singapore Boat Quay No doubt you’ve realised that all the shophouses are concentrated on just one Embankment of Boat Quay. Legend has it that the Chinese immigrants set up home only on the south bank of the river, because to them ...

Singapore River Walking Tour Guide Overview
About the Route We have planned three different ruotes for you which showcases different aspects of Singapore’s historic beginnings and its current judicial, civil, cultural and commercial heart. Exploring the Singapore River in its entirety will ...

Singapore River Walking Tour Guide, Route 1
Route 1 Begin at City Hall MRT Station. Take Exit A, then turn right to follow Exit H along the underground passages of CityLink Mall, until you reach Esplanade’s Basement 1 exit on the right, about 15 minutes away. As you walk, take a look around ...

Singapore River Walking Tour Guide, Route 2
Route 2We recommend that you start this Route in the late afternoon. Begin at Clarke Quay MRT Station and follow the underground passage to Exit B, emerging at Merchant Road. Use the pedestrian crossing or overhead bridge to reach Masjid Omar Kampong ...

Singapore River Walking Tour Guide, Route 3
Route 3 Route 3 that we have planned for you will cover the Civic Districts along The Singapore River. Monuments to Justice & the Arts, All of Which Helped Singapore Blossom. Start at City Hall MRT Station and follow Exit B to North Bridge Road. On ...

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