Located in the far north corner of Singapore, Woodlands is best known for its proximity to the causeway adjoining to Malaysia and a thoroughfare for thousands of vehicles and people every day as a result.  I am heading to its main hub of activity, the Woodlands MRT station region, to look for a place where I can do my shopping, have a meal or perhaps catch a movie.

Music floated to me sharp and clear, from a busker’s harmonica, as I make my way through the busy crowds of the train station into the mall just next to it. This is the shopping centre in topic, Causeway Point, and it is a common sight to see disabled buskers playing a brand of music heartfelt and strong here. Being a neighbourhood area, it isn’t a surprise to see that the rest of the people sauntering around are casually dressed. Causeway Point can draw an average of 2 million shoppers a month making this one of the most heavily congested malls in terms of shopper traffic.

This mall has about 250 shops and food outlets, including departmental stores like Metro, John Little and others such as Cold Storage, Horizon Food Mall, Popular Bookstore, Kiddy Palace, and even Cathay Cineplex. I could safely say that it is as convenient for residents in this part of Singapore to get tickets to the hottest movies in town without taking a long ride down to the city.

The moment you step into the shopping complex, the smell of waffles will engulf you and have you lusting over different foods of all sorts which are obviously available even from the entrance of this big place. With over 20 restaurants, ranging from fast food joints, Burger King to bakeries such as Prima Deli and a big food court, you are certainly spoilt for choice for delicious food.

With over seven floors and 420,000 square feet of retail space, there is certainly something for everyone here. My sweet tooth is nicely being satisfied with thrills of cheap desserts sold in the basement from shops like ‘Sweet Talk’. This store serves traditional sweet desserts like ice jelly, chendol and ice kachang. My personal favourite to go: chendol and the iced milk red tea! You will also find retail shops selling extremely cheap goods, such as the convenience store Valu$ with its incredibly low prices. Ladies, walk a little further and you’ll come to PINC. Pamper yourself in this pink coloured shop decorated with pink feathers with therapeutic manicure and pedicure services, going for as cheap as $20 a session. This is certainly a must for all you shopperholics out there desperate for a relaxing break from the shopping.

Although Causeway point is definitely a big shopping attraction, the design to cater to the convenience of patrons seems to be a little inefficient. The toilets (and this is more crucial than it appears) are not as easily accessible as one would expect in such a popular hangout. If you are hoping to relieve yourself, be prepared for a likely job of holding it in for awhile. You might have to end up walking to another floor for toilets and not to mention the slow human traffic you have to shove through primarily because of Causeway Point’s narrow corridors.

Most importantly though, everything you need can be found under-one-roof. Isn't it great that you can go to just one place and buy everything from groceries and clothes to electrical goods and toys?

Causeway Point
Address: 1 Woodlands Square Singapore 738099
Tel: (65) 6894 2237
Opening hours: 10.30am - 10.30pm