Despite being stereotypically known as an estate for the elderly, Tiong Bahru Plaza still manages to attract the younger generation. It has been around since 1994 and it is still going strong with its crowds and “happening’’ vibes.

As you step near the entrance of this shopping paradise, the air is already scented with the delicious smells of fresh bread luring customers from far and wide. It is a food heaven here. There are a range of mid priced restaurants in the mall, such as Sakae Sushi, Thai Express, KFC, and Burger King. Then there’s no forgetting Singapore’s favourite small eateries, snack shops such as Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Old Chang Kee, Bengawan Solo and Sweetalk are enough to whet your appetite and hunger cravings! There are also bizarre and weird finds like Japanese paper steamboat, Western grill, and hotpot. Pop into Griller Pasta +Grill+ Plaza serving up a delicious range of pasta, western grill, and pizza. Do taste their popular signature dish, the seafood pizza.

With a size of 440,000 square feet, there are a total of 130 shops in Tiong Bahru Plaza. This plaza offers a wide fare of fashion, accessories and footwear. You can get a makeover, a brand new hairstyle, or even slimming advice at the beauty outlets here. Speaking of which, for every type of product there are at least two shops two choose from, for example there are three optical shops, four hair salons, four jewellery shops etc. However, the men do not get much service here. There is basically only one shop selling trendy clothes and accessories for men.

If you are into embroidery, the DMC Creative World, who is the sole distributor for DMC thread, is based here. They have stock for a huge selection of coloured threads and knitting wool, plus other sewing related crafts and supplies.

After all that’s said, it must be mentioned that I feel the plaza is sorely in need of a makeover as it is rather too plain and dowdy for the high volume of condominiums growing in the region to cater to the high end crowd.  Certainly though, with these wide varieties of services, it is a strong magnet for the students, as well as the office crowd on weekdays and families during the weekends.

Tiong Bahru Plaza
302, Tiong Bahru Road, Singapore 168732
Tel: (65) 6276 4686
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm