Located in City Hall, the CityLink Mall is Singapore ’s first underground mall. It connects the City Hall MRT Station to several key developments in the area and home to over 50 shops ranging from home accessories, beauty services, jewellery, fashion, books, music to cafes and restaurants. It provides the perfect ambience for everything, from hanging out to crazy shopping.

Waiting for someone or looking for a place to rest and recharge? There’s a juice bar for the health conscious and coffee joints for those needing a shot of caffeine. Polar Café and Bread talk have also set up shop in the City Link Mall along with many other restaurants like Dining at Sakae, O’Briens Irish Sandwich Bar, Thai Express, The Asian Kitchen by Vien Tai and the latest culinary addition- New York New York.

Instead of rushing through the Link take it easy and take immerse yourself with its offering. Lining the City Link Mall are many local and international labels such as M)Phosis, Charles and Keith, Singtel, The Body Shop, Adidas, Soo Kee Jewellery, MPH and HMV.

These choices may spoil you, but desires are the fuel of life, and CityLink Mall is erected to bring them all to life.

The only drawback is the heat generated by the lights and the peak period human-traffic jamming up the walkway. Claustrophobics should avoid this stretch at all costs during this period or opt to take a walk outside these train station, to take in the breath taking presentation of the Singapore skyline.

The wonders of CityLink Mall can easily be missed when in a rush, but once you discover them, you will never forget them.