Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is the largest and most remarkable bird park in Southeast Asia. Opened on 3 January 1971, Jurong Bird Park will certainly fascinate and impress you with its variety of 9,000 birds from more than 600 species. The success of the Jurong Bird Park is attributed to its physical structure - one that resonates the original habitat of these winged creatures.

Other than enjoying the refreshing natural ambience of the park, visitors will be entertained by the various activities organised for them. The ever popular bird shows are a good way to start the trip. Be entertained by the 'All Star Bird Show' and the 'Birds of Prey Show' where a variety of birds ranging from the aeronautical to the flightless entertain you with their amazing single acts. Be fascinated by the mimicking cockatoos, pelicans and flamingoes or gaze in awe at the hawks and falcons flying in aerial loops to soar above the treetops. 

Ever wondered where you can catch the largest collection of Southeast Asian birds? In the Southeast Asian Aviary, you will be overwhelmed with over 200 species - the large area has central walk-in aviary and peripheral aviaries which house the more delicate or territorial birds. To create an atmosphere, daily mid-day thunderstorms is simulated, followed by cool, light drizzle.

Jurong Bird park

The Waterfall Aviary is home to 1,500 free flying birds from over 60 different species. Visitors are able to take a ride on the Panorail, the world's only monorail that runs through an aviary. Be amazed with the scenic view of the world's highest manmade waterfall, with a height of 30 metres.

At the Pelican Cove, visitors can catch a glimpse of all seven species of pelicans, including the endangered Dalmatian Pelican. They can stroll along the broadwalk while observing these birds. At the world's first underwater viewing gallery for pelicans, you can watch them skim and drift above the murky waters to gobble fishes at feeding time.

There are other interesting highlights that visitors surely would not want to miss such as the Penguin Parades, World of Darkness and Lunch with the Birds. All entertaining features of the park that will keep you occupied till the end of the trip.