Before trains came along and when cars were really a status symbol, buses were the preferred way of travelling. Back then, buses were slow and the heat made it all the more undesirable. However, a lot of upgrades have been done to the buses since those days. For starters, the introduction of air-conditioners into the buses meant a comfortable ride for the passengers. And instead of needing to look for loose change for the bus fares, travelers can easily get from one point to another with an Ez-Link card, which can also be used on the MRT. Operating from 6 a.m to midnight, the fare ranges from S$0.90 to S$1.80 for all buses. The Ez-Link card will automatically deduct the fare upon each embarkation. And with the vast improvement in technology, some buses come with a television on board and with features that are more handicap-friendly.


The attraction of buses now lie in its more extensive travel, with a wider option of alighting points, as opposed to the train.

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Try’s online Bus /MRT Guide Service. This free bus guide allows you to indicate your start and end address and a bus route will automatically be generated providing information like price and even bus stop images for some areas.

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