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Tip and guide for travellers at Singapore.

10 Crucial things to do in an emergency situation
Top 10 Emergency Tips 10 Crucial Things to do in an emergency situation 1. The elbow is the strongest point on your body.If you are close enough to use it, do!  2. Do not hand your wallet or purse to a robber! Instead toss it away from y ...

Changi Airport Budget Terminal – Travelling On A Budget
The addition of Changi Airport’s budget terminal creates juxtaposition to the already-established brand name. It is not as chichi as the two major terminals, not with as much options as them, and definitely, you will feel the inferiority. Not that ...

Essential tips on getting freebies in Singapore
Top Shopping Tips Everyone fancies a bargain, but mention that it is free and everyone loves it even more! Those who do not believe in a free lunch can now eat their words because it is possible to get things for free in Singapore without any condit ...

Popular Hotels in Singapore
Top 30 Hotels in Singapore Hotels are the most popular choices of accommodation for tourists in Singapore. There’s easily one to suit the needs and budget of every one who chooses to visit Singapore. Prices  range from about $ 160 to $60 ...

Riding Kuala Lumpur Up
Riding Up to Kuala Lumpur With Malaysia being a very close neighbour to Singapore, the options of crossing the borders are aplenty. From cars to planes, your decision may lie on your budget and timing. But, let your feeling of adventure lead the way ...

Safety Tips and Emergency numbers for Tourist visiting Singapore
Top Travel & leisure Tips Safety Tips & Emergency numbers  for tourist visiting Singapore.  Travel DocumentsWhen entering Singapore, please ensure that you have valid passports or internationally-recognised travel documents w ...

Singapore Custom Regulations & GST Tips for Travelers

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur via Malacca
The next time you choose to visit Kuala Lumpur, take the extended route via Malacca. Sure, it will take a longer time and possibly cost slightly more but hey, that’ll be money and time well-spent. Your journey will be filled with interesting ...

Singapore Traveller Tips : General Tips when visiting Singapore
Most Popular Travel Tips ClothingMore Info TippingTipping is not expected in Singapore. It is prohibited at the airport and discouraged at hotels and restaurants where there is a 10% service charge.   ...

Top 10 Most Expensive Cab Fares In Asia
Top 10 Cities with the Most Expensive Taxi Fares. A good list to bring up when deciding on your next vacation spot. This helps travelers make an accurate budget as well as pick places where you can really stretch your dollar.  $1.14 – $ ...

Transportation Tips for Tourist visiting Singapore
Changi AirportOne of the world’s best airports. All the Terminals, Terminal 1(T1), Terminal 2 (T2) & Terminal 3 (T3) offers a countless number of modern amenities which include cafes, business and computer terminals with free inte ...

Travel More, Save More With the SBS Season Pass
Travel Tips If you’re not blessed with a car, and commuting every morning is draining more of your money then you can afford, then say hello to the SBS transit Seasonal Pass. Remember those days when taking a bus meant flashing a card to the d ...

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