Changi Airport
One of the world’s best airports. All the Terminals, Terminal 1(T1)Terminal 2 (T2) & Terminal 3 (T3) offers a countless number of modern amenities which include cafes, business and computer terminals with free internet access, banks, several F&B outlets, moneychangers, laundry services, tax-free shops, a fitness centre, a 24-hour medical centre, a children’s play area and many other transit facilities.

Commuting between the two terminals is free and easy, as it takes about a minute to get from one point to another, via the Skytrain. It operates from 6am to 1.30am daily.  

When you are leaving the airport, buses, trains (MRT) and taxis are readily available at the airport. There is a surcharge of S$3 for taxi’s taken from the airport. This surcharge increases to S$5 between 5pm and 12am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Airport Tax
There is an Airport Tax of S$21 per passenger, which should have already been included at the point of ticket purchase from the country of origin.

If this has not been done, you may be required to pay the amount at the airport, or your airline may absorb the charge. For passengers in transit less than 24 hours, you will be discounted of this service charge upon departure from the airport in Singapore.

There are several public bus operators in Singapore; SMRT and SBS, most of which are air-conditioned.

If you are paying:

  1. By cash, you need the exact fare. Charges are normally between S$0.90 to S$1.80.
  2. If using an Ez-Link card, the fare range is between S$0.63 to S$1.55.

Ez-Link card is a prepaid card that is designed for convenience. You just need to tap your card once against the reader when boarding and again at the exit when alighting. The correct fare will be automatically deducted.

It is highly advised for travelers to get an Ez-Link card, as it can be used on both the buses and MRT. These cards can be purchased at TransitLink Ticket Offices (found in most bus interchangers and MRT stations) for $15 (S$7 credit)

Singapore Roads

Image (C) Marklin Ang

Car Rental
Unless for corporate use, it is not necessary for travelers to rent a car. Travel in Singapore is easy via the MRT, bus or taxi as it is a lot more convenient and cost effective.

If you do need to rent a car, take note that Singapore cars are all right-hand driven. Overseas drivers are required to have valid international driving licence. Make sure you ask for more information on Electronic Road Pricing System (ERP) from the car-rental company.

Taxi Services
Singapore has over 20,000 air-conditioned taxis, which provide comfortable traveling at reasonable costs. Visitors can flag the taxis down anytime along the road or at designated taxi stands usually outside most hotels, major buildings and shopping centres.

All taxis in Singapore are metered and surcharges are levied on advance telephoned bookings, and for journeys originating from the airport and Singapore Expo Centre, for peak-hour journeys and for trips within or from the Central Business District (CBD) and city area.

For trips that commences between 11.30pm and up to 6am, passengers are required to pay an after-midnight surcharge of up to 1.5 times the metered fare. If you are unsure of additional taxi charges, refer to the fee card displayed in every licensed taxi. This card is usually found behind the front seats or on the window by the back seat.

The charges are similar for the different companies with some variation in booking fees.

Payment for entry into the CBD is by the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) System where a special meter atop the dashboard displays the amount you will have to pay on top of your taxi fare.