Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

The next time you choose to visit Kuala Lumpur, take the extended route via Malacca. Sure, it will take a longer time and possibly cost slightly more but hey, that’ll be money and time well-spent. Your journey will be filled with interesting pit stops as opposed to just a long and dreary view of roads, roads, and more roads. Of course, if you’re lucky, you will see that occasional cow or chicken, but don’t count on it too much.

My trip started at 10.30 am and of course, I was brought through the customary procedures of the Singapore and Malaysia checkpoints. To make exacerbate things, the bus had to make a pit stop at Larkin Bus Station to pick up the remainder of the passengers from Johor. However, once the authorities have been pleased and the bus is nicely filled, the real road trip begins.

Thanks to the notion of pit stops, the bus halted at Air Hitam, another area within Johor. Across from the stop was the Minangkabau showroom. It displays a variety of pottery crafted using ancient Chinese method, which are also on sale for visitors. The 48 meters-long place is a great local and tourist destination. The price of the pottery varies with the different design and the time it took to make each individually crafted design. Plus, there is a studio behind the showroom that gives the visitors a chance to see the potters at their craft.

Moving along, I was brought to the Tropical Village , Johor’s premiere theme park. Here, I got to experience the great outdoors that Johor has to offer, topped by a great horse-ride. Another interesting fact about this place was that it housed over 80 fruit species, most of which are already at the brink of extinction.


Image of Malacca

Eventually, the bus brought me to the day’s final resting place, Malacca. I checked into Hotel Puri, a boutique hotel in Malacca located on Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock. The price was reasonable, given that it was close to a lot of Malaccan attractions such as A'Famosa fort, Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall (Malacca Shopping) and the Maritime Museum . Besides that, I also sampled the traditional Malaccan Peranakan delicacies such as roasted BBQ pork, gulai ikan and traditional nyonya chendol, a very famous dessert. This definitely made the longer journey worth it.

Naturally, the trip continued the next day, setting out to Kuala Lumpur . There were no pit stops this time so I was truly glad to finally see the Petronas Twin Towers in the horizon. By then, I knew that the Pudu Raya Station, the bus terminal is nearby. While this trip may seem longer than the usual, taking in the sights of a part of the huge Malaysian peninsular definitely made it more memorable than the rest.