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If you’re not blessed with a car, and commuting every morning is draining more of your money then you can afford, then say hello to the SBS transit Seasonal Pass. Remember those days when taking a bus meant flashing a card to the driver, instead of tapping your Ez-link card or looking for loose change to make up for the fare? Yes, life was much easier and cheaper then, and it’s about to make a come-back.

For a monthly fee of $98, holders of this concession pass can easily take buses from one point to the next without much hassle. It costs about $3.30 a day, and it allows for unlimited bus rides. Those who favour the MRT can always find alternative bus routes to take full advantage of this new installation by SBS Transit. You can easily transfer buses, without monetary worries. This is really a saviour for all those rainy or lazy days where one bus stop will make a world of difference for you. Particularly useful as well for those who live far from their workplaces, the Seasonal Pass will cap their transport expenses to $98 a month. However, the Pass is not applicable for rides on the Fast Forward and Express buses, or on the trains.

With unconditioned validity, the Season Pass can easily be purchased at all TransitLink Ticket Offices, selected NTUC FairPrice outlets, NTUC One-Stop Centre ( 1 Marina Boulevard ) and selected authorised agents. An application form has to filled first prior to the purchase. These forms can be retrieved at the above mentioned places, as well on the SBS website. The validity of the stamp, however, depends on the date of purchase, with it taking effect for a month from the date. With every new application, there is the option of the bulk purchase of 3 stamps for $240. NTUC members will get further rebates of $10 for a first-time application.

To commemorate the launch of this innovative cost-saver, the application fee of $3 will be waived, with a 1.5 months stamp for those who purchase the November stamp. This will mean that you can travel till mid December for the cost of a month. There will be road shows held in conjunction with the launch, where welcome packs filled with vouchers will be given away for applicants.

And foreigners who are living here need not feel left out either, as those on working passes here are just as eligible for these passes which are already getting great reception from the public. All you need to do is make a copy of your working pass and attach it along with your application form.

So what are you waiting for?
Buses have always been more of an interesting ride than the trains, with everything that you will be exposed to on a single journey. Furthermore, the trains are always packed and don’t come with TV Mobile.