Besides shopping and eating, Singaporeans sure love catching a choice movie that promises them a good two hours of entertainment. Cinema giant Golden Village , or better known as GV, has once again outdone itself by opening the largest Cineplex in the nation, occupying two stylishly designed levels with hues of royal purple and crimson red that boast 15 screens and 4 cinema types. Right smack in cutting edge Vivocity that is set to become Singapore ’s next shopping and entertainment hotspot, GV Vivocity is ideal for those who love an extensive variety in their movie choices, and simultaneously looking for a well-rounded cinematic experience that couples quality sound systems and comfortable seating with pleasant service and ambience. With 14 years of cinematic experience in the bag, GV Managing Director Mr. Kenneth Tan mentioned that they have “revolutionized the cinema-going in Singapore ” and “raise the bar yet again” with their newest branch at Vivocity.

As part of their contribution to society, GV Vivocity will be donating $1 for every cinema ticket sold during the month of October 2006 to the new Ren Ci Hospital at Irrawaddy Road .

The following are some highlights of this new cinema multiplex:

  • GVmax
    This theatre has a whopping 602 plush red seats and showcases a 22.4 metre screen, which is one of Asia ’s largest movie screen. With such an impressive screen, there should be no worries of being allocated a “bad” seat because all seats will be privileged with equally unobstructed views and generous leg room space.
  • 3 Gold Class Cinemas
    If you are looking for a place to unwind and relax amidst an incredibly lush ambience that comes with complimentary first class service, these Gold Class cinemas would be ideal. With a separate lobby from the rest, prepare to be ushered into an exclusive lounge area that serves up finger food, beverages and even fine wines. Patrons will then proceed into the viewing room that has the seating capacity of 24, 38 and 48 respectively. Perhaps the most spectacular of these cinemas would be in its deluxe and extremely comfortable couch-like seats that allow a near 360 degrees recline, and operated with electronic switches.
  • Cinema Europa
    Those with movie preferences pertaining to the arthouse and classic types can look forward to the foreign movies that GV Cinema Europa is bringing to our local scene. Also known as the Art House Cinema, international award-winning films from Asia and Europe will be introduced to Singaporeans exclusively through GV Vivocity. The viewing experience in this business class cinema will also feature generous seating spaces and a crystal clear digital sound system that accommodates a patronage of 108.
  • 10 Stadium Cinemas
    Another distinctive advantage that GV Vivocity introduces to the public is the vast amount of cinemas all compressed into one convenient location. Patrons would no longer have to worry about the shortage of tickets or the lack of variety of shows for this mega Cineplex is sufficiently large enough to tend to everyone’s wants and needs.
  • The downside of GV Vivocity
    Nothing is perfect, and certainly not GV Vivocity. While its design elements and the luxurious theatres ensure that this Cineplex is able to fulfill the movie appetites of a vast amount of people, it has an obvious hindsight in its lack of toilet facilities. There are only 2 separate sets of restroom facilities; one exclusively for Gold Class and the other for the remaining 11 theatres, with both restrooms being furnished with only 2 cubicles each. With such a limited capacity catering to a crowd of 2,172 patrons, I foresee a potentially huge problem during peak periods.

GV Vivocity looks to be a Cineplex that will see a steady stream of locals and tourists alike from now on. Setting the new benchmark for all cinematic establishments in Singapore , its state of the art facilities coupled with its prime presence in shopping giant Vivocity will ensure that patrons will be treated to an unparallel movie experience.