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Pooh Cheu Soon Kueh
New product launch!
Yam Cakes going at $8 per box and limited boxes available everyday!
Grab yours today
Despite the mixed reviews, I've decided to make a trip down and try the famous ang ku kueh. True enough, there was a queue formed when I got there.
There were about 10 flavors of ang ku kueh. I tried the peanut and green bean ones. The skin was soft and smooth and it was something you wouldn't get sick of halfway through. It was packed with ingredients too.
Besides, I also tried the green tea and black sesame flavors. These were rather refreshing as I rarely find them at other places.
Overall, I find that the stall is worth a visit especially at the affordable prices.
12 Jun 2013 09:05:01
Lye Huat Ice Kachang provide you icy cool dessert on a hot n sunny day.
This stall is located at the Harbor Front food centre just across Vivo City,
Most of the flavour came from the red beans and peanuts. The chendol strips and black jelly cubes hidden within were quite bland and didn’t offer much taste except texture. Also, there the attap chee! We thought the overall taste could be sweeter, but on the whole, this was one ice kachang were absolutely addicted to! It costs $1.50 a bowl
12 Jun 2013 08:54:12
Swee Heng Teochew Porridge
Swee Heng Teochew Porridge serves pretty traditional Teochew dishes. Nowadays, it's kinda hard to find dishes like these as it's more common for Teochew Porridge stalls to serve mixed veg rice kind of dishes. For the standard Teochew dishes, I recommend the dried chilli shrimps, fish cake, steamed fish, chai poh neng (salted turnip omelette), mei cai kou rou (braised pork belly in mustard veg).
Must tries: fish cake, leek and beancurd
Brunch, Cheap Eat/Budget, Lunch, Dinner, Large Groups/Gathering, Children/Family, Private Dining, Chillout
Tastes like home-cooked food, esp the veg dishes and the fish cake - hard to find such classic taste these days.
12 Jun 2013 08:41:03
Ser Seng Herbs (Turtle) Restaurant
I have been patronizing this establishment since i was in secondary school.

No doubt that is is one of the best i've eaten so far.

BUT recently, i think about a year ago, they started adding GST and the price for a small, which was originally costing $8 is now $16!! and a medium will damage you at $25!!. FYI. a packet of white rice will cost you $1.20 (80 cents for the rice and 40 cents for the plastic container) and the quantity is so little that you won't be full.

The herbal taste wasn't too overpowering and the skin was like jelly. Food was served up promptly too. Restaurant has air-conditioning so you don't really have to worry about perspiring while having the hot soup. Those who have never tried turtle soup should go give it a try.

12 Jun 2013 08:30:44
Fur & Away Pet Grooming Salon
Fur'N'Away, the ultimate pets grooming salon where your fur kids get a STYLISH clip and all round great grooming in a safe and comfortable environment and provides professional grooming services for your pets. Also offers pet food and skin products.
What We Do
The fundamental purpose of the Fur & Away School of Pet Grooming is to nurture and educate new talent in the grooming field. To provide exceptional training that will not only raise the standards of dog grooming in Singapore but develop confident certified professional pet stylists who are ready to meet the industries growth and demand.
11 Jun 2013 11:40:06
Magic Wand
Patrick Wan reigns supreme as a gifted showman, ventriloquist and magician. A truly versatile artist of a higher calibre, he has been featured in the famous Japanese TV's show 'THE INCREDIBLE PEOPLE', which was broadcast worldwide. As an overseas student he was already doing many school assembly shows across America in the 1980's. There he became friends with the late Col. Bill Boley - America's greatest Ventriloquist, who presented him with a personally handcrafted dummy.

Patrick Wan has been performing as a professional ventriloquist for over thirty years, making audiences laugh with his hilarious 'human puppet' routines around the world. Using ventriloquism peppered with a repertoire of cultural songs and music from different races, he creates a hilarious blend of comedy that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This fresh and exciting visual show has everyone saying, "I've never seen anything like this!" He was the winner of the 1994 Singapore Talentime and is unarguably the best singing ventriloquist in Asia.

Throughout his career, Patrick continues to be recognised as a talented performer. He was selected as the only artiste to represent Singapore at the International Magic Extravaganza 2009 and 2011 Malaysia as the Guest Star Performer.

Recently, further testament to his fame came in the form of a prestigious invitation. Patrick was flown to China to perform on China National Television. He was the first foreign talent to be invited to perform at the Shanghai Arts Festival and was featured as the highlights of Shanghai Magic Festivals 2011 . Patrick's popularity in China has soared since his appearance on Chinese television. His Web Channel in China has accumulated more than 40 million hits!

11 Jun 2013 11:34:07
Still Racing International Pte Ltd
We are always striving to achieve the best workmanship and quality products for our customers! Therefore we always come up with monthly promotions to bring our customers the best value for money products! Do check out the links below for our great offers!
Still Racing is the sole authorised distributor for SILENT’s Sound Proofing products.
Head unit, Processors, Amplifiers, subwoofer, Headrest/Roof Mount Monitors, GPS, & etc…
11 Jun 2013 11:30:47

At ROCKU Yakiniku in Bugis+, you'll get to taste premium cuts of beef such as US ribeye, Australian short ribs, wagyu beef brisket and beef tongue for less than $20 per serving. Other dishes on the menu include grilled vegetables, donburi, udon and agemono.The charcoals which the restaurant provided were white-hot, which any self-respecting BBQ-lover would know that it's the perfect coal temperature for BBQ.

The food took a while to reach us but I was quite happy with its quality. The meats were fresh and well marinated. I loved the salmon in particular.

Though the restaurant was like 60% full and with everyone BBQ-ing, there's no smell at all! It turns out that all the smoke is sucked below the charcoal stove.

American Express
01 Jan 2013 - 31 Dec 2013
ROCKU Yakiniku Dining Promotion
$10 return voucher with every $80 spent
11 Jun 2013 11:23:32
Jamil's Teh Tarik serves hot and cold drinks,kuehs, curry puff.
nice teh tarik, neither too sweet nor too milky, and the teh is not siap. taste is very smooth. The bandung here is pretty good. Hard to go wrong with bandung... nice pink colour... nice creamy sweet rose taste. It's a generous serving. There are other drinks on offer as well. All looked nice and sugary and cold - good for a hot day! Don't really like the environment. Haven't found any spectacular bandung places but also haven't had any spectacularly failed bandung!
10 Jun 2013 09:29:37
Espressamente Illy at Studio M Hotel is the first outlet in Singapore that offers premium coffee from the Italian franchise. The 24-hour cafe is headed by a barista who was trained in Italy and serves a wide range of espresso beverages, pastries, pastas and sandwiches.

This cafe is under ILLY coffee as far as I’m concerned (maybe Illy licensed cafe), so, you could find all things ILLY here to buy.
That means, all coffee (hot or cold) beverages on the menu are using Illy roasted coffee beans.
As a bonus, the cake counter displayed tempting array of petit cakes which I aim to try next time. Oh yes, they serve hot food too.
OCBC card holders are entitled to 15% discount for any amount spent. Nice.
Service was attentive.
And I adore the subtle scent lingering in the well air-con cafe.
There were magazines and newspapers of the day for customers to read while enjoying a cuppa.
The outdoor seating seemed inviting too. Bet it’s going to serve a weekend evening caffeine trip well.
10 Jun 2013 09:12:35
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