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Fried Hokkien Mee Fried Oyster
This stall is famous for their Hokkien Mee. The owner has been in the business for 40 years, and cooks his Hokkien Mee the traditional way - by heating the wok using charcoal fire.
The 萝卜糕 (carrot cake $3) managed to placate us somewhat. Smooth and soft cubes of radish which were tasty, with cai poh (pickled radish) thrown in for flavor though not quite enough of it to give the dish some crunch. There’s even a couple of prawns, and the egg wasn’t over-fried.
The dish we came specially for obviously didn’t pass muster. From where we sat it’s impossible to see who’s handling the wok but judging by what we’d eaten it’s probably not the “master”.
Not sure if we’d make another trip but no harm trying again if we were in the vicinity. Hopefully all the planets would be in perfect alignment next time!
4 Jun 2013 08:42:30
Salad Le Express
Eating salad almost everyday may be one most the most healthy eating habits. Have a salad today at Salad Le Express. Salad Le Express is serious about satisfying our customers. We hope you savor our new menu; it has been created with you in mind.
There's nothing more nutritious than a heaping salad of colourful raw vegetables, so have a salad today!
Have lunch at Salad Le Express today, it will make you feel good knowing that you ate healthier today.
We have a little something for you from Mondays to Fridays. Check it out today.
Share some goodness and bring a friend to lunch at Salad Le Express today!
You will be spoilt for choice, come visit us today!
3 Jun 2013 08:55:33
Blenz Fruits Juice
Blenz fruit stall is just opposite of Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice.
They were having promotion of Papaya Juice with Milk at only S$1 per cup, when normally it is priced at S$1.50. They also have promotion for a couple other fruit juice with milk at S$1 as well.
Most fruit juice stall will add alot of ice so you do not get much juice but this stall gives sufficient portion of ice so the portion of ice & juice would be just right.
If you were to order for single fruit juice, it cost S$1 per cup while a mixture of 2 fruits cost S$2 per cup.
If you are looking to drink fruit juice, this would be the cheapest & tastiest fruit stall to visit in town.
3 Jun 2013 08:51:10
Mutton Soup Steamboat
If you are a fan of mutton, this place is certainly worth a vist.
The soup is strong and meat is tasty. I will prefer if i have some prawns & seafood to go with it but the set meal does not come with that.
I am someone who likes the mutton smell so some people might not like it so well.
No bad smell, healthy.
I would recommend Wang Lao Ji drink its a herbal tea brew in China give it a try.
I spend alot and for the meal as i called at 7 cans of Wang Lao Ji.
Overall everything is great and superb no MSG and health and compare to those steamboat stall. I should called this restaurant is FAR MUCH BETTER.
Go give it a try and its worth of $$. I'm going back again for sure!!

btw, you can get 10% off via booking from, why not.
3 Jun 2013 08:45:24
Seng Kee Black Herbal Chicken Soup is a Chinese cze char restaurant opposite Kembangan MRT station, with their own rendition of mee sua sprinkled liberally with pig organs and mushrooms.It is opened daily from 5.00pm - 4.00am.
I've been eating here many times since my NS days. The main draw is the rich herbal soup of the mee sua. On certain occasions, the soup can be a little diluted. Mostly it hits the spot, especially during the cool wee hours of the morn as this place closes at 4am!!

This time I came with two friends and their wives and kid who had eaten there months ago. We ordered steamed fish at the ladies' request and I insisted on ordering clams as starter as its tangy lime sauce can boost the appetite. It was tangy and yummy as usual. But the steamed fish was a tad bland. My friend's kid kept spitting out the fish as he didn't like the texture. A sign that the fish isn't fresh, my friend quipped.

We also ordered for the first time ever the Crab Tanghoon ($45) which came in a opeh leaf. Sadly the dish turned out very ordinary, not worth the price at all. The crabmeat stuck to the shell and was dry. The tanghoon was also too dry.

The best dish that night was the sliced bittergourd fried with egg. The right level of oiliness and crunch and not bitter bittergourd. ;) I would definitely order this again next time.

We adjourned to the prata shop next door for teh tarik after the meal, as the weather was cool enough, and as a good gave SK a rating of 7/10 and would be back for the mee sua again.
3 Jun 2013 08:36:07
Art of Feng Shui Consultancy
Providing to you a one-stop Traditional Fengshui services where you can bring about that change of better fortune for your home, business or office environment at no hassle.
What is feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of harnessing the natural forces created in our surrounding environment to promote prosperity, good fortune, harmony and beneficial changes in our life. Feng in Chinese means "Wind" and Shui means "Water". By the law of nature, "Qi" is carried and dispersed by the wind and preserve in the water.

Importance of Date Selection (A true Case study)

Two houses have the exact same Facing Direction and same Structure. Anyone who stays in both the house are suppose to enjoy good fortune and prosperous luck. But why does the result be so different from one another?
31 May 2013 09:14:35
A new bold interpretation of Korean culinary tradition, Bibigo which combines the Korean word "bi-bi-da" (to mix) and English word "to go" aims to serve modern Korean cuisine with a fresh and healthy concept. Under the renowned Korean corporation, CJ Foodville with over 2000 restaurants and 14 brands established worldwide, they have opened 3 outlets in Singapore at Raffles City, NEX Shopping Mall and Marina Bay Financial Centre.
The Ginseng Orange Salad ($12) showcased the interpretation of Korean tradition cuisine with a modern twist. Freshly cut ginseng shreds mixed with orange, yam, jujube and chestnut were topped with beet leaves and yuzu dressing. A healthy, crunchy and refreshing salad. For those that does not like ginseng may find the taste acquire.
This is probably the best Pajeon ($14) I have tried. The scallion pancake wit calamari and shrimp was extremely delectable and crispy held together with just the right amount of batter.

30 May 2013 08:40:00
Gurney Drive, named after Sir Henry Gurney, is a famous food heaven by a seaside promenade, which was formerly known as North Beach, in George Town, Penang. It offers a range of authentic Penang hawker food.
Signature Dishes: Belacan Fried Rice, Bubur Hitam, Grilled Stingray, Penang Hokkien Mee Noodle, Penang Lor Bak, Penang Lor Mee
Penang Culture is a dining concept under Gurney Drive. Similar to its sister restaurant, it also serves Penang street food.

I've heard many great reviews on the authenticity in taste of their food ever since their Gurney Drive outlet opened in Suntec so I've always been wanting to give both a try.
Grilled prawns, $7.90.

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun: 1100 - 2200
29 May 2013 09:28:09
Here, there is a whole stretch of Muslim stalls selling Western food, Prata, Roti John and many other yummylicious food. We normally patronize "The Spize Supper Club" and this time, we decided to order western fare from the other stall "Roti John King". However, we didn't order Roti John. The staff recommended us 2 dishes - Fish and Chip and also, their steak. Ok, we took these 2 dishes. I loved my fish and chip! The serving was generous and I almost couldn't finish the whole plate.
While having our dinner, we watched "Spiderman 3" on their plasma TV which was showing on Channel 5 then. This place is definitely a good place for dinner or late night supper.
29 May 2013 09:20:10
Ah Hock Kaya Roti
It's munching time... For those who have not tried, come TrY & LovE it..... Have great memories at Ah Hock Kaya Roti. Blk 451 Clementi Central, ...
So here I was at Ah Hock Kaya Roti (Clementi). It is facing a bus-stop facing the Clementi Sports Complex, and is right next to the Macs.The small shop is run by a young couple and offers all those toast sets, and waffles ( with the machine strategically placed right in front of the shop)

I ordered the Kaya toast set which came with the kaya toast, eggs, and I topped up 20 cents to get the Yin Yang (coffee-tea) drink. Yeah I still havent learnt from my overdose of caffeine oh well.
29 May 2013 09:05:20
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