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Garuda Padang Cuisine
#07-07, 277 Orchard Road, (S)238858
6735 4111
All the food are displayed at the glass counter for selection with the price clearly stated. We are able to choose either buffet style at $25+ per person or ala carte and in the end we choose on ala carte.

Gulai Kikil, Ayam Goreng Bambu, Sambal Udang Petai, Sambal Terong, Telor Dadar are the dishes that we ordered. Think it's the first time I've eaten such an authentic and Padang cuisine.
22 Aug 2012 08:39:47
603 Tau Sar Piah Pte Ltd
603 Balestier Road, (S)329904
So far the best Tau Sar Piah i ever eat , must try men!!!!
21 Aug 2012 09:19:43
Queenstown Poh Pia
Commonwealth Avenue Block 40A Food Cen... #02-500, 40A Commonwealth Avenue, (S)140040
I have been eating from this stall for 12 years or more. They used to be at a nearby coffee shop and they disappeared after the building where the coffee shop used to be demolished. And, they resurfaced again at this hawker centre.

Their ingredients are rather basic but always fresh, their main ingredients are turnips, meshed hard boiled eggs and bean sprouts, i usually get a lot of bean sprouts and i love the crunchiness. And, they are making their popiah skins on the spot too.

I always asked them not to cut my popiah so i can eat it along my way to church and i always asked for extra chilli too. It tasted even nicer with extra spiciness.

Spending: Approximately SGD 1.20
21 Aug 2012 08:43:34
Java Detour Singapore
Their premium coffee offerings are all hand-roasted and flavorful. Try the chewy chocolate-chip black and white mocha @ $7.50.
Relax & enjoy the nice afternoon while having some afternoon tea.
21 Aug 2012 08:39:07
Epok Epok International

For more information and inquiries about their products and services, please contact hot - line no: (065) 92398235 or you may drop them an email to:

21 Aug 2012 08:35:11
328 Katong Laksa
41 East Coast Road, (S)428761

Always the Best !!!!!!!!
21 Aug 2012 08:30:00
Charco's - The Flaming Chicken
Marine Parade Polyclinic (Singhealth)... #01-770, 80 Marine Parade Central, (S)440080
6455 3711
The chicken is flaming indeed!!!!!
17 Aug 2012 08:35:49
Arteastiq Pte Ltd
Mandarin Gallery #04-14/15, 333 Orchard Road, (S)238867
6235 8370
16 Aug 2012 08:54:45
Jalan Kayu Prata Cafe Pte Ltd
246 Tanjong Katong Road, (S)437034

The teh halia was quite remarkable thou. 'Halia' means ginger, and nowadays most establishment dont use add in raw ginger anymore.
But it was somehow compensated by the generous amount of ginger powder here.
pretty much impressed.
16 Aug 2012 08:51:28
R. T. K. Ryoriya Pte Ltd
Riverside View #01-03, 30 Robertson Quay, (S)238251
6238 8962
15 Aug 2012 08:32:23
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