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Wee Fishball Minced Meat Noodle
The ingredients are basically fish and sometimes flour and flavorings such as salt and sugar is used. The proportion of fish and flour depends on the quality and type of fish balls to be made. The white fish balls found in some traditional Hong Kong restaurants are made using only fresh fish. While the street fried fish balls are made by using cheap fish and a mixture of flour in order to reduce costs from the wholesale business. In the past, a wide variety and good quality of fish was used. But now the supply quality has become tensed for some reasons.The commonly used fish to make fish balls now are etc.

Fish ball, the most popular and most common street food, was founded between the 50's and 60's. At that time, in order reduce costs, the process of making fish balls was most likely done by mixing and frying the remaining materials of ChouZhou fish ball or stale fishes. Nowadays, fish balls sold in Hong Kong are mainly imported by wholesale businesses. Therefore, the texture of fish ball does not have too much difference.In recent years, fish balls are sold with different hot or curry sauces.
20 May 2013 09:17:01
Ming Kee Live Seafood Pte Ltd
Serving seafood and a variety of Chinese food, Ming Kee Live Seafood is located along Macpherson Road.
Delightful seafood, highly recommended. Best crabs and bamboo clams!
05 Aug 2012
Ming Kee probably serves one of the best live seafood around Singapore. I am personally very fascinated with their Crab Bee Hoon as well as their steamed mussels. These two dishes are definitely a must try should you visit this restaurant.

What is special about the Crab Bee Hoon would be its texture and its fragrant taste. Most Crab Bee Hoon in Singapore are kind of more soup-based, but for Ming Kée's, its the dry kind(not too dry either). It takes awhile for this dish to be ready, but its definitely worth the wait! No REGRETS! With the succculent crabs neatly placed on top of the bee hoon, its not only a wonder to taste but it looks good too! I like the way they cook the Crab Bee Hoon where the taste of the crabs are deeply absorbed into the bee hoon. Yummy Yummy!

Another specialty of Ming Kee would be their steamed seafood, especially their mussels and bamboo clams. While other restaurants tend to serve mussels fried with chilli paste, Ming Kee has found the mussels' best match - steaming them with fried garlic. Perhaps, due to the fact that their mussels are very fresh, the sauce simply enhanced the taste of these lovely mussels. I remeber how my family and I were actually vying for the sauce to go with our white rice. Everyone agreed that it was good.
16 May 2013 09:06:48
The Black Sheep Cafe
The cripsy pork cheeks (S$24.50) were fatty and succulent, with the orange glazing nicely complementing. It was also a pleasant surpise to find sweet, plump raisins in the glazing and when taken all together created quite a taste. The portion was sufficient too, possibly larger than I expected (but I didn't expect much).

The lamb shank (S$24.50) was fork tender and didn't have an overpowering mutton taste. It was the largest serving of any of the items we ordered and came complete with the bone.
15 May 2013 09:01:16
Located at what was once the Officer Mess of Gillman Barracks and later Gillman Camp was Warung Frangipani, or Bali Seafood or Little Bali where affordable Thai, Balinese, Chinese cuisine were being served in tze char style.

The Gillman Barracks was originally a British military camp until 1971 when it was handed over to SAF and renamed Gillman Camp. It was the headquarters of the Singapore Combat Engineers and it also housed the School of Combat Engineers.

There was a huge variety of set meals to choose from ranging from Thai Grilled Fish to Thai Hokkien Mee etc. The price ranges from $4.50- $6. They also offer platters for groups to share.
Thai Mango Grilled Fish ($4.50). The dish was like a Thai rendition of the Chinese Sweet and Sour Fish. It was very delicious. The skin was crispy and the interior was soft. The dish goes very well with the Mango salsa or relish?
Overall, Warung Frangipani is a decent place for a meal. It was very crowded in the afternoon due to the lunch crowd and we had to share table with another group. The place is quite nice if you are into the colonial style environment with historical colonial structures. It is a decent place to have a meal after a walk around HortPark or Telok Blangah Hill and affordable one too compared to the nearby KHA which charge four times as much for a Pineapple Rice.
15 May 2013 08:55:03
Cloud 9 Living is an Interior Design company in Singapore. They provide designs services as well as consultations. Cloud 9 Living gives you space planning, customizes and designs furniture, and works with long time trusted contractors to elevate your space.
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15 May 2013 08:44:28
Ayam Penyet Saputra Indonesian
They are famous fpr having chilli that is filled with authentic flavor. A good place to bring friends along. Products are relatively affordable and good value for money.
It is so reasonable food satisfying dish that indonesian has brought to singapore with the promising taste of its originality of their speciality of the smash chicken and few others stuff are really deep throat satisfying, It worth the money to spend and the most important thing is , The place is a must stop for people that are hungry . It been serve equally to the price you pay ! Thumb up.

I spent $10 per person.

Location: PSA Tanjong Pagar Complex, 7 Keppel Road, #01-01/02, HLY Eating House, Tanjong Pagar, 089053
14 May 2013 09:05:07
How about a little perk-you-up with Mr Bean's new Pearly Taro Soya Milk?

Indulge in the same freshness and goodness of Mr Bean’s premium soya milk, now with the taste of smooth and creamy taro. It will be love at first sip!

Available with or without pearls - in hot, warm and cold variations.
14 May 2013 08:50:01
Lee Wee Bro's Otah
I find that their otaks is one of the best around,perfect for gatherings/parties.Even when i reach home, the otak still taste as good, i just throw it in the oven and toast it a little and the aroma is alluring.The otak meat is moist and not rubbery dry like some others.The nicely-spiced and flavoured otak meat makes a good dish alone or pair with rice.Addictive! Hands down THE best otah in Singapore. I never thought that the brightly-lit juiced up otah stall like Lee Wee's at Old Airport road would serve up otah that is a throwback to the classic roadside otah stalls I used to love as a kid. First of all, the smell gets you when you're close by the stall (and we all know otah is ALL about the smell), and when you take a good bite, you can taste the freshness and the fish bits in the otah coupled with the perfect blend of spice. It may be a little expensive ($0.50) but it's well worth it and I can go on ALL day eating this.
14 May 2013 08:46:48
Extra Virgin Pizza Pte Ltd
PIZZA OF THE WEEK (13 MAY): MEATBALL & RICOTTA: Bechamel, mozzarella, ricotta, veal meatballs, garlic, provolone, basil

A spin on our favourite Meatball. This white pizza is full of delicious cheeses and paired with EVP's famous veal meatballs. Simple, easy. Just how Monday should be.
OUR OVENS: We get asked this question a lot -- what kind of ovens do we use? We have custom-made ovens by American company WoodStone, which allows us to cook our Neopolitan style pizzas at a super high temperature. The result is the famous leopard spots on our pizzas! Now you know
14 May 2013 08:38:21
Caesars Wine & Oyster Bar
My good friends (all males, mind you) love to come here and I know the reason why - all the staff are females in less-than-covered clothes and they have a certain promotion with Chivas (1 for 1 bottles) and you can keep them for quite a long time if you cannot finish it.

There's a pool table inside and the ambience and lighting are good for friends to gather round, drink and forget about their worldly problems. Really comfortable, though as a woman, I'd prefer not to take a date here! The crowd is a mix of expats and locals - it's quite an ideal chill out place to mingle around and drink.

The bartender has an interesting list of cocktails too - try the "gelee" shooters. :) Service-wise, I cannot really comment on anything, cuz I think the waitresses are much nicer to men than they are to the ladies.. after all, they get to drink while at work and about 95% of their base clienteles are men.
14 May 2013 08:29:26
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