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3 Inch Sin takes its name from its signature product - petite chocolate cakes filled with warm, molten top quality Valrhona chocolate ganache. Chocolates cakes, brownies and chocolate tarts are also available for sale.
(1) Hazelnut Molten Lava Cake
This was absolutely fantastic. The warm, rich, intense melt-in-your-mouth lava was to die for. Though it was a tad too sweet (do share it with someone instead of getting one on your own), this is still definitely worth ordering!
(2) Chamomile Dream Tea
Pretty good complement with the Hazelnut Molten Lava Cake, since it took away some of the sweetness.
Would definitely pop by to try some of their pizzas, sausages and coffee another time.
7 May 2013 08:29:57
Supreme Floors
Beside our extensive range, the high quality and durability of our products are the reasons why people chose Supreme Floors. Hence to ensure that we have total control over the design and production process, we have our own manufacturing bases where we employ only the best technologies to produce our products.

An all-encompassing group of flooring consultants, installers, maintenance crew and service staff, the Supreme Floors team is always ready to provide professional support to our local customers. We also work closely with our partners worldwide to ensure prompt deliveries and product support for all our global customers.

We have a deep passion for our floors and take pains to craft them well so that they greatly enhance the aesthetic ambience of homes and offices. As a further commitment to our customers, we offer a limited lifetime warranty to ensure that our floors remain a source of pride for the years to come.

•An Award Winning Brand and Specialist in Wood Flooring
•We are the Wood Flooring Experts and Market Leaders in Singapore since 2000
•Our Products are Eco-Friendly
•In-House Workers
•A One-stop place for All the Widest Range of Wood Flooring Products
•High Quality Products using advanced technology
•Friendly, Committed & Warm Service
•Life-Time Warranty
7 May 2013 08:20:47

White Space Living provides design consultation and project management for new HDB owners since year 2001. Our design emphasis is on fluid transparent ...
We are one of the leading interior design firms in Singapore. We specialise in residential and commercial projects, including high end residential projects.
Premium interior design showcase for landed house, condo, HDB. We also specialise in office, retail, hotel design to meet your business needs and market trend ...
7 May 2013 08:16:22
Of many other bubble tea shops, Cup Walker is considerably more value for money! At just $1.60, you can get a large cup of pudding milk tea or pearl milk tea. I find that the gratification you get from this cup of milk tea is pretty much the same from what you get from the more overpriced bubble tea sellers saturating the market right now. It quenches thirst and satisfies the sugar rush too. One thing that I dislike is that you cannot request for less sugar for the milk tea because it is all pre-mixed. But trust me; the milk tea is not-so-sweet, and in pretty good proportion. Yam milk tea and honey green tea is also one of my favorites! You just have to try to believe.
6 May 2013 09:28:43
Refresh Bodyworks (S) Pte Ltd
Plaza Singapura 6733 6344
Refresh Bodyworks is one of the largest massage and reflexology chains, providing a wide range of superb massages for good health, at affordable prices. This is coupled with excellent customer service in a modern, fun and friendly environment.
We serve an entire spectrum of customers – from celebrities, professionals, executives, tourists, expatriates, housewives, retirees and even kids!
There are currently 14 outlets in shopping malls all over Singapore. As a market leader in introducing new concepts and refreshing services, our customers are constantly thrilled and refreshed through our innovative offerings.

Signature Services
Foot Reflexology
30mins $28.00; 40mins $33.00
A popular foot therapy that promotes relaxation, improves circulation, reduces pain, soothes tired feet and enhances overall healing.
Back Massage
30mins $38.00; 40mins $42.00
A massage that revitalises and rejuvenates your tired back immediately!
Spot On 20
20mins $30.00
20 min remedial massage that uses in house hot balm to bring fast and effective pain relief to muscular and joint strains or injuries.
Volcanic Reflexology
60mins $68.00
A unique blend of hot stones therapy with foot reflexology that double stimulates, detoxifies your foot to relieve aches and tension, and enhance blood circulation.
6 May 2013 09:21:08
Aladdin Services Pte Ltd is an experienced manufacturer of environmentally friendly cleaning products in Singapore since 1983. We believe in providing value-for-money quality products and services to our customers.
In the modern world today, we are facing many threats, such as the recent pandemic of SARS. You can lower the risks by using our disposable ALADDIN REFRESHING TOWEL, individually packed for use. Each towel is treated with disinfectant liquid and purified water before packing, so it can be used on anyone and anywhere at anytime. Use ALADDIN REFRESHING TOWEL before & after mealtime, outdoor activities, traveling and home-cleaning etc.
We also manufacture antiseptic wipe (alcohol free) which is suitable for personal care and childcare use.
- kill harmful germs effectively.
We would like to establish a business relationship with your company to be our distributor in your country. In Singapore, we manufacture wet paper towel for export to USA, UK, Indonesia and other parts of the world.

6 May 2013 09:14:05
Experience the authenticity of traditional Japanese cuisine in a chic & contemporary setting. Savour delectable Bento sets among skilfully crafted set menus. Our gastro mania masterpieces include Tonkatsu selections, Humburg steaks & various Udon dishes just to mentioned a few. Dine with us & have a pure “Banzai” experience
NEW ITEM on our eat-all-you-can appetiser bar!

Onion Steak (オニオンステーキ) is our new favourite way of serving onions! Onions are sliced into discs, grilled gently such that the sides are golden, and served with anchovies and Chinese celery. We really love how the natural sweetness of onions is brought out this way!
6 May 2013 09:05:23
CeleVenus Aesthetic Clinic is a one-stop aesthetic centre dedicated to addressing modern day beauty concerns, and providing
effective beauty solutions for today’s women and men.
Liposonix, a non-invasive, high-intensity focused ultrasound technology to permanently get rid of stubborn fat around your abdomen and love handles with a single 1 hour session!
Liposonix | Reduce Stubborn Fat | Tummy & Love Handles
3 May 2013 08:53:01
Located along Mayo Street, Morsels is a small-plates restaurant serving Western dishes with Californian and Asian influences. Try their squid ink risotto, which is drizzled with salted egg yolk sauce. Or their Bloody Mary, which is infused with sake and wasabi.
Morsels literally means a small piece of food, reflecting on the owners’ style of offering small sharing dishes to be shared with friends. Everything at Morsels is painstakingly made from scratch. There’s no particular well-defined cuisine, thus allowing the owners to fully exhibit their creativity.
3 May 2013 08:44:52
Cocotte’s cuisine takes inspiration from the hearty, rustic meals that are a trademark of the French countryside. Provenance and seasonality are focal points in guiding the menu and the way we serve. Communal meals and large platters of meat in the middle of the tables are common sights in the dining room.

Brunch is available from Monday to Sunday. It features cage-free Freedom Range Eggs cooked to order, classic French Omelettes, Croque Monsieur and our signature Poulet Roti.
Dinner at Cocotte is an a la carte menu that changes regularly showcasing a variety of seasonal and fresh ingredients.

A variety of home made pastries and desserts are available at our pastry counter for both dine-in and takeaways throughout the day starting from 12noon till closing.
3 May 2013 08:39:01
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