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The chocolate in this place is REAL cocoa, so if you are really craving for chocolate, I'd say this is the place to go.
5 Feb 2013 22:50:31
Can't go wrong with Ben and Jerry's and this location has the charm and care-free atmosphere that will make any family visit or date enjoyable.
5 Feb 2013 22:48:20
I usually go to Club Street. The atmosphere is cozy, but the main reason why I go there is the quality and the speed of the Pizza. Sometimes I order online, when I want to watch a movie and have Pizza on Saturday evening. Try them.
5 Feb 2013 09:03:07
their vehicles are well maintained, assuring you worry-free driving. looking for flexi-daily car rental? call them now at 64694468
31 Jan 2013 22:39:54
They offers a wide array of outdoor shades designed to meet your requirements, in its standard sizes or customised sizes to fit any location. Visit their website now.
31 Jan 2013 22:35:02
Whether you are looking to furnish your bedroom, living room, dinning room or just want to freshen up your home, Gaphiler is the place for you.
31 Jan 2013 22:32:19
With late hours for you, Chapter 2 spreads its door from 11am till 10pm for that exquisite 3-hour Colourcontour after work. For the workaholics, party-goers to the let-your-hair-down impulses for a new chapter for the night, Chapter 2 is there for everyone to express themselves hairsomely. Check them out!:)
30 Jan 2013 22:51:02
Through a combination of organic essences, therapeutic skill, and modern technology, they have helped customers realize their beauty both within and without.
30 Jan 2013 22:43:00
Looking for lion and dragon dance, musical instrument chinese traditional? Call them now at Tel: 65-67343738.
30 Jan 2013 22:37:27
Props and decor can lend a unique and authentic flair to an event. They will help you dress up such events as D&Ds, weddings, and family days with decorations angled to capture the mood of the moment.
30 Jan 2013 22:31:58
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