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It gives very unique experience to a tourist. Lots of works and efforts were made to produce so many different characters in the Villa...
17 Jan 2013 22:28:42
It's quite a strenuous walk, particularly in the heat, but well worth it.
17 Jan 2013 22:24:16
A chance to see the wetland and the different varieties of flora, fauna and birds and other small animals.
17 Jan 2013 22:19:21
Free attraction. Anywhere is a good vantage point to see the crane. A magical experience for kids.
16 Jan 2013 22:19:05
time to pick up really cheap clothes and bags, remember to bring water and wear shorts cause its really hot...
16 Jan 2013 21:59:11
Great atmosphere, food was fresh and quick.
16 Jan 2013 21:57:22
Come to Cookery Magic for excellent lessons in home cooking.
16 Jan 2013 21:53:26
We went there by cable car. Nice view (already from the cable car) over the city.
13 Jan 2013 22:00:15
Inside looking very grand and luxurious with special architecture. appropriate to come here on the weekends.
13 Jan 2013 21:58:37
Fantastic experience, well organised and you can get up really close to the animals.
13 Jan 2013 21:55:33
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