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YUMMI HOUSE PTE LTD. A Singapore-based company with its main trading arm of all natural, unprocessed wild honey. We are dedicated in research and development, sourcing the best and most natural health products from the most primitive environments for our consumers.We emphasise on best quality and originality with excellent customers' satisfaction. We are committed with our products to adhere with a stringent control policy to meet the requirement of ORIGIN, QUALITY, SOURCE and TASTE.

Got a jar of healthy honey from Yummi House. The staff is very helpful!
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22 Apr 2013 10:38:19
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Citimac #01-19, 605 Macpherson Road 368239
Tel 6282 0777
Tel 6238 7277
Causeway Point #B1-K05 , 1 Woodlands Square 738099
Tel 6894 2081
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands # L1-31, 2 Bayfront Avenue 018972
Tel 6688 7102
The Clementi Mall B1-K15, 3155 Commonwealth Avenue West 129588
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Got a jar of healthy honey from Yummi House. The staff is very helpful!
Drop by Yummi House for some of the best honey. Keep cool after snacking on all the New Year goodies!
They specialise in honey with several flavours to suit different tastes.
I always thought that honey is just honey but it was when my mum and I walked passed yummi house only did I realised that honey too can have flavours. The sales person kindly offered my mum and I a couple of different flavours of honey. The one which I liked most was the mango flavoured honey. Who would have thought to mixed mango and honey. We bought a bottle to try. The honey is very pure, very fragrant. You have to dilute it with water otherwise it would be too sweet. The mango flavour is not too overpowering, it does not overpower the sweetness of the honey. The mango give it a little sourish and sweet taste, making it more fragrant too. Love this fusion, do give it a try if you have the chance. There are very little stalls that mainly focus on just selling honey, normally you can only get it from super market. However, their honey is definitely much more expensive than those found in the super market but theirs is premium kind and a huge bottle so I guess you are merely paying for what you get.
The past few days my sister and i were complaining of sore throat and my mum came back with this. she bought it from clementi\'s yummi house. it was kind of pricey but vey effective. after drinking for a few days, our throats got better. i guess it is what you pay for...
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