Change Your Career, Change Your Life!

by : Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.

Lots of times I see and talk to people who are tired, bored and burnt out of their current jobs. I'm not sure what causes this dis- satisfaction. One reason, though, that I've thought about is that the work they are doing is not their life passion. Or, if it was, something in the person has changed or the passion needs to be re-kindled.

One of the best ways to either find a dead or to re-kindle a work passion is to celebrate all of one's accomplishments in a lifetime. Even the young adult has many tasks that have been done, which encourage passion in work. It's both hard and easy to go over one's accomplishments throughout a life- time.

Let's start with a common achievement. That of learning to ride a bicycle. There has to be coordination between, head, hands, legs and arms. Body balance is necessary. All at once, almost, the person can ride a bicycle! Whew!

If that is an accomplishment in your life, write it down. List as many from fun spots in your life along with the more serious ones.

It's truly amazing to see people come to life with new goals, new attitudes, and new possibilities, when they see and know their potential. Potential for the future, from the past.