Benefits of Using DialResults Remote Agents

by : Richard Logan

Benefits of Using
DialResults Remote Agents
1. Lower operating costs.
Agents working on a DialResults IP enabled predictive dialer solution from home means a
A much smaller contact center facility is required — for major cost savings to a contact center’s business solution.

Lower telecommunications Cost
2. Routing calls over the DialResults IP network
will dramatically reduce a contact centers costs for both inbound and outbound

Seamless service.
An agent’s physical location must be transparent to everyone: agents, callers, and called 3rd parties. DialResults also allows the contact center to maintain high-quality service, when one
contact center location is closed or reaches its call handling capacityBusiness Management Articles, calls must be
automatically routed to another location.
Easy administration.
Separate sites can be difficult to administer. DialResults contact center solution IP predictive dialer address this issue of ease of use and administration.