The Free Wallpapers

by : Amelie Mag

Nowadays, people end up spending entire days in front of the computer screen. Making our computer friendly-looking has almost become as important as having a nice house or a nice office. Decorating these days no longer means buying flowers for our office, but buying wallpaper with bunches of flowers for our computer screen. It is easier, faster and doesn't cost anything.
The good thing is that we don't really have to spend too much money on getting the wallpaper we want any longer. There are too many websites in cyberspace that allow us to download free wallpapers. We have to be careful when we download the free wallpapers though. We may be looking for innocent wallpaper (with a nice cute dog or with a young baby) and end up with a sexy wallpaper, simply because the websites that host and offer images such as a sexy wallpaper are more popular and, therefore, much more common. Of course, this is a positive aspect for those that are specifically searching for sexy wallpaper. Their efforts will be considerably diminished.

As we navigate the Internet, we get exposed to many more things that we do not want to see as compared to the number of things that we intentionally seek and which are the reason why we start navigating on the Internet in the first place. Many things may pop up when we look for just a plain wallpaper with a forest image for example, or when we merely try to check out the advertisement on a website saying that they are offering free wallpapers. However, the case of the sexy wallpaper is different. Many of the Internet surfers are very passionate about sexy images. Beautiful women or handsome men are sought everyday to be placed on the desktops of the computer screens for personal pleasure. The sexy wallpaper (especially the free one that pops out of nowhere) is a blessing for people who spend hours looking for that certain something to make their day.

The quantity of free wallpapers available for download is amazing. The offer for free wallpapers matches any taste and interest. You can find free wallpapers with the most modern cars, free wallpapers with the most recent pop stars or famous actors, but many people prefer to create their own wallpaper. Mothers, for instance, will often have a picture of their baby on the wallpaper. Anybody can choose to create their virtual wallpaper from a picture of their last holidays to the mountains with friends. Finally, these are also free wallpapers, in addition to the ones that the companies provide on the Internet. This type of free wallpapers may even be preferred by more people to those free wallpapers that are to be found on-line.

Internet providers may end up making a lot of money from providing free wallpapers. Through the offering of wallpaper, a specific image is being promoted. Companies may even pay Internet providers to offer free wallpapers with images that refer to their products or that promote a specific type of behavior. In fact, while these things are called free wallpapers, each time we download one, companies make money. It is the same as if we are clicking on an ad that pops up somewhere on an Internet page. The provider makes a couple of cents with each click of an ad and with each download of free wallpapers. However, the money doesn't come from the pocket of the person who does the clicking. Nothing bad in this! The customers are happy and so are the sellers. Those who need free wallpapers get them and those who need to advertise are satisfied as well. It is a mutual benefit situation.

Since most times the free wallpaper is a sexy wallpaper, then it is interesting to see what consequences does the use of a sexy wallpaper has on consumers of Internet information. The biggest concern with sexy wallpaper is that it is available among the free wallpapers for anyone to download easily. Even for children. Parents sometimes do not have a complete understanding of what the Internet is and does. Therefore, they will allow the child to spend a few hours in front of the computer thinking he is becoming computer literate, that he is seeing interesting things. Instead, the child may be downloading free material, among which there can be sexy wallpaper. The problem however is not the sexy wallpaper, but carelessness. Children are also often left to play unhealthy computer games also with the wrong misunderstanding that they are actually learning how to use computers. It is not the fact that sexy wallpaper is available for everyone that is harmful, but the fact that parents don't really know the potential of the web and its influence on their children.

In most countries, it is impossible to censor the Internet. So there is almost no way of keeping a child left unsupervised from stumbling upon harmful ads or offers like that of a sexy wallpaper. On the other hand, those who are not children, meaning almost everyone else, have at least one sexy wallpaper among all the free wallpapers in their computer. They love their wallpaper even if some might consider certain pictures inappropriate. And when they get tired of seeing a certain image they go ahead and change it. And why not? Wallpapers are free and they are for them.